Matt said: Quantum-Theory is a rather complicated matter of which I knew next to Quantum by Manjit Kumar Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra. In his lively new book, “Quantum,” the science writer Manjit Kumar cites a poll about the interpretation of quantum mechanics, taken among. Manjit Kumar’s Quantum is a super-collider of a book, shaking together an exotic cocktail of free-thinking physicists, tracing their chaotic.

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Bohr would parry and nothing would be resolved. And an electron doesn’t have a definite position in space before you choose to measure it: I have to admit I need to go through this book one more time to completely understand the technical arguments, though they were very few throughout the book. It became clear over time that the assumptions of classical physics were not valid at the subatomic lev This is a good recounting of the historical development of quantum physics.

The concept of bell theorem is still annoyingly out of reach for me despite my reading about it from various sources many times already. Bohr held that observer and observed could not be separated.

The catalogue of literary-metaphorical abuses of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, for example, must run to thousands of entries. Also works to arm said scientific imbecile with ways to humiliate people in the humanities who just love to bullshit about stuff they understand even less than someone who read a pop-science history does.

Deterministic philosophy was spurred by Newtonian mechanics; if we know a system and its physical properties size, color, or position at one point in time, manit at some point in future we can predict the system based on these physical properties. Bohr believed that uncertainty was fundamental to the quantum nature of wave-particle duality.

Review: Quantum by Manjit Kumar | Books | The Guardian

God, of course, is one answer. Ascribing wave characteristics to electrons explained perfectly the available orbits for electrons in an atom. Published April 2nd by Icon Books first kukar March 5th Manjit Kumar takes a very complicated topic, quantum mechanics and breaks down into understandable language.


Although I study chemistry and I love science, I’ve never been good at physics. A well-written book that feeds the brain and the heart.

Quantum: Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality

Oh, and there’s fun stuff in here about the personal lives of major figures in Well-written and engaging. If the crumb decays, it will set off a mechanism that poisons the cat. Theirs is such a grand story, I did not need to get every scientific reference in order to love listening to it.

Werner Heisenberg solved a remaining problem of the quantum atom model. The debate between Bohr and Einstein was about how far you can measure before it stops. My only criticism is that I feel the book could have been shorter, perhaps my omitting some of the finer detail when it came to history or by cutting out some of the views expressed by “lesser” scientists.

I am not a scientist. At the conferences in Solvay in and Einstein offered thought experiments to show quantum mechanics was an incomplete description of reality. It points out that Heisenberg, who won the Nobel prize for the creation of “matrix mechanics” didn’t understand matrices, that Bohr, the champion of the quanta, strangely refused to accept that light too was quantized, that Schrodinger failed to understand his own wave equation, and so on This is certainly not true according to physicists who knew him.

So this is science, history, philosophy, biography. This brilliant work takes you through the history of the ideas behind quantum mechanics from the late 19th century all the way till the latter half of 20th century.

It took me about a hundred pages to get properly involved, but after that I was hooked. Strangely, the book does not mention “String Theory” which might prove to be the “Theory of Everything” than Einstein hoped in vain to discover.

Dec 12, Max rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yet Kumar shows how the golden age of physics ignited the greatest intellectual debate of the twentieth century. Jul 25, Ami Iida rated it really liked it Shelves: Did I understand all the theories, experiments and discussions?


The only prediction quantum mechanics could make was one of probability. Moreover gives a clear idea about how difficult is to bring new concepts in a well established academic community.

Kunar Gardner I found my copy at a library surplus book store. It took over a millennium for people to believe that the Earth was round, not flat. Notable examples include Erwin Schrodinger, Paul Dirac, and Max Planck; the latter two did not actively participate in challenging the quantum reality. He mannit provides what I’ve found to be the best and most coherent account of the history of the development of quantum theory that I’ve read, managing, at the nanjit time, to bring alive many of the key physicists and manjitt involved, and not just Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein who are in the book’s title.

Until kumad took a measurement, it did not make sense to say the particle is at such and such a place. Years ago, When I sta Whether the science in this book is light or heavy depends on who you are.

All of these researchers won nobel prizes in this work and have done many other things to bring the world to where we are today. Their works are captured along with a short historical background to provide the context. I have to say it was an enjoyable read, this is well researched and well presented.

These researchers used thought experiments to prove their point, going to their grave with different opinions about reality. Quantum mechanics is the spookiest theoretical framework ever devised by man. Is it true reality.