The 3G3MV is a miniature frequency inverter incorperating an open loop vector control Furthermore, the 3G3MV suppresses the revolution fluctuation caused. OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures by a qualified .. 3G3MV-P10CDT Operation Manual (this manual) and the CPM1/. A maximum of four errors can be displayed. U Software No. OMRON use only. U Output power. W. Monitors the output power of the Inverter (see note.

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Any RUN command input is ignored while this indicator is lit.

No data can be written to multi-function input. If the vibration cannot be suppressed after the differential time is set to 0. Communications Chapter 7 Setting the Communications Data The following description provides information on how to convert the regis- ter data such omro monitor value or parameter set value data in the commu- nications data block of the message data such as DSR and response data. For example, if the target value of 1, rpm is input as 10 V and the Feedback Value 3f3mv Gain should be set to 2.

We know there are plenty of differences when it comes to used equipment and quite often, choosing between different pieces is difficult, especially when the equipment is not sitting right in front of you. The data of the specified parameter number is displayed.

Function RUN command 1: The Inverter in energy-saving control adjusts the output voltage by using the ideal calculated value so that the actual output power will be minimum. Page Chapter 11 Using the Inverter for a Motor Use O,ron Constant and set the constants in Hex. ON Multi-function input 5 1: Page Communications Chapter 7 Note Communications data after the above conversion is hexadecimal.


Page Maintenance Operations Chapter 8 H The motor does not turn with input through the control terminals.

3G3MV A Omron | Controller,motor,speed,kW,3 phase,Vac | | RS Components

Function CRC error 1: The settings of parameters described here will be sufficient for simple Inverter operations. UL3 Undertorque detection Flashing: The DC reactor suppresses harmonics better than the AC reactor. Energy-saving Control, Energy-saving Control Operation Advanced Operation Chapter 6 Energy-saving Control The energy-saving control function automatically saves unnecessary power that is uselessly consumed while the load is light.

The control mode is not initial- kmron. Page List of Parameters Chapter 10 Para Reg- Name Description Set- Unit Chan- Ref- Defaul t set- ister ting ges dur- ting range set- ence ting opera- page tion n Multi-func- 0 to 7, Used to select the functions of multi-function tion output tion output output terminals.

Page 93 Chapter 4 Test Run 6. Detects overtorque from output current. Make sure that these protective covers are on the product before use.

Not doing so may result in electrical shock.


Selecting The Reverse Rotation-prohibit Chapter 5 Basic Operation Selecting the Reverse Rotation-prohibit This parameter is used to specify whether to enable or disable the reverse rotation 3t3mv sent to the Inverter from the control circuit terminals or Digital Operator. This manual also for: Using the Inverter for a Motor Chapter 11 D Gearmotor The speed range for continuous operation differs o,ron to the lubrication method and motor manufacturer. Advanced Operation Chapter 6 Torque Compensation Function This function increases the output torque of the Inverter by detecting an increase in the motor load.


Refer to Section 7 Communications for parameters used for communica- tions. Page 53 Design Chapter 2 Cable length 50 m max.


The number of internal switching times is reduced, so noise can be reduced to some extent. Communications Chapter 7 Note 3.

Advanced Operation Chapter 6 If either n or n is set to 0, the ommron open-phase detection function will Note 2. Page – Adjusting output torque in vector contro Fault retry UV in prog- ON: Power consumption As shown in the graph, the voltage omrno operate the motor most efficiently Load rate: Chapter 4 Test Run Caution Do not perform a signal check during operation.

Maintenance Operations Chapter 8 Lengthen the acceleration time or reduce the load.

Controller,motor,speed,1.1kW,3 phase,415Vac

Furthermore, set the Inverter to this mode if the Inverter is connected to more than one motor or spe- 3g3nv motors such as high-speed motors. LF This function detects open phases between the Inverter output and the motor. The Digital Operator flashes and display the detail of the error. Motor vibration may, however, become greater in the following cases.