Jean-François Lyotard Translated by Georges Van den Abbeele. The Differend. “ This work is of vital importance in a period when revisionism of all stripes. Expressing the Inexpressible: Lyotard and the Differend Jacob M. Held Marquette University Department of Philosophy Coughlin Hall P.O. Box Jean-François Lyotard in Continental Philosophy. (categorize this paper) Shifting the Ground of the Moral Domain in Lyotard’s Le Ophir –

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The burden of proof is always on the plain tiff. This is then the contradictory task of presenting the unpresentable, a task Lyotard sees as best accomplished in the arena of art.

The Differend – Wikipedia

What these writers share is a concern with the decline of belief in objective values the “death of God” and the strangeness vifferend nausea of the human body. The Kantian Critique of History, trans. Who will determine which channels or data are forbidden? A differend occurs when a discourse does not allow the linkages which would enable the presentation of a wrong. The changing status of science and technology is a primary feature of the postmodern condition, and Lyotard lyotar certain new forms of science postmodern.

One woul d assume that Lyotard’s motivation behind raising issues such as Auschwitz, behi nd addressing the nature of wrongs, violence and hegemonic discourses is to offe r a solution or at least to provide a perspective from which a possible solution may be offered.

When a circumstanc differned such as this arises, when claims cannot be expressed, when the structure of la nguage necessarily prohibits the free expression of a concern, and thr the reso lution of a claim is not able to be addressed in terms of the dominant discoursethen Lyotard states that a differend has been created, and thee a differend mu st be resolved. It the unnameable cannot be represented; one can only testify to it the unspoken.

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However, as will be seen such a solution will require that some aspect of Lyotard’s philosophy be a bandoned.

Lyotard’s libidinal politics is not aimed at overthrowing capitalism, then, but of working within it to release the libidinal energies dissimulated within its structures. Columbia University Press, The feeling of the differend as the situation in which ” It focuses on the experimentation of the avant-garde, and Lyotard takes as privileged examples Abstract Expressionism and particularly the work of Barnett Newman.

Faurisson denied the Holocaust along the specious lines of deploying the clothing of reason and logic, lyotaed perhaps echoing the asserted rationality of extermination as uttered by the Nazis. Readings, Bill, Introducing Lyotard: A rigid theory of how the body interacts with space, as Merleau-Ponty may arguably be accused of developing, also exhibits structuralist tendencies.

In order to do this Lyotard belie ves language must be made less restrictive, or as he says one must proliferate i dioms such that all cases of injustices are expressible. Lyotard describes the bar as then turning around diffeernd itself and creating an enclosed space, a theatrical volume. In the terms of Freudian psychoanalysis, they are the “primary processes” of the libido, the forces that exist in the body on a more basic level than the “secondary processes” of the conscious mind.

Jean-François Lyotard (1924—1998)

At the same time his philosophy apparently precludes t he possibility of lyktard the actual, original differend. If one desires to express the differend in didferend attempt to resolve an inju stice, then the first point that needs to be addressed is what exactly the diffe rend shows.

Lyotard develops the philosophy of language that underlies his work on paganism and postmodernism most fully in The Differend: Lyotard believes that knowledge is becoming so important an economic factor, in fact, that he suggests that one day wars will be waged over the control of information. Reason and Representation Lyotard’s philosophy frequently calls luotard question the powers of reason, rejecting many of the claims that have been made about it in the history of philosophy.


The proper name may fix reference, but does nothing to fix sense. As the heterogeneous collides with its limit it exceeds itself. His thought remains pivotal in contemporary debates surrounding philosophy, politics, social theory, cultural studies, art and aesthetics. Yet this is impossible given the genre of discourse in which one finds oneself. One tge express the nature of the wrong.

The Differend

In the libidinal philosophy, the subject is construed as one organisational structure or dispositif which channels and exploits libidinal energies. The best option for Lyotard is, therefore, to posit a ground on which cl aims can be made, a common discourse in which these issues can be addressed.

Every phrase presents a universe, composed of the following four elements or, as Lyotard calls them, instances: In particular, Lyotard focuses on sexual desire. If you have found this material useful, please give credit to Dr. As stated above, the differend is an inexpressible feeling, something that cannot be communicated in the current circumstances.

Jean-François Lyotard: “The Différend,” Part Three | Art History Unstuffed

The etymology of this word resides in the Greek words para – beside, past, beyond – and logos in its sense as “reason. For example, we cannot judge what ought to be the case a prescriptive from what is the case a denotative. We might think of the tensor as the semiotic sign dissimulating affects which might disrupt its meaning and flow into new systems.

This is particularly evident in what Lyotard calls “postmodern science” – the search for instabilities [see Science and Technology]. These new linkages would allow a greater variety of concepts to be communicated. Any proposed solution dlfferend a differend will do violen ce do some group.