Arthur Lydiard is often thought of as the father of modern distance running. His training information is widely available, but often times. Arthur Leslie Lydiard ONZ OBE (6 July – 11 December ) was a New Zealand runner Lydiard’s ground-breaking impact on distance running was recognised by Runner’s World, which hailed him as All time best running coach. Lydiard Basics. The principles of sound training that Lydiard developed in s ––based on experimenting on himself and a small group of local New Zealand.

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The 5 Lydiard Principles

Next Lactate Threshold He was completely inflexible on this requirement. AucklandNew Zealand. Only after this spikes were put on and a maximum of four runnig of anaerobic training followed.

Integration focuses on dialing in to your race pace, and sharpening your legs up to run fast. For marathon fitness, your total weekly mileage is more important than getting in a miler at all costs.

Learn More Up-coming Clinics. Lydiard constantly clashed with unimaginative and officious ludiard administrators running his native New Zealand and in the countries that called upon his strong personality and coaching expertise to establish national athletics programmes. Have you ever trained the Lydiard way? Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Aerobic Base Building — a period of aerobic runs run by overall time, not mileage at a variety of paces to develop stamina and a base of conditioning.

lydizrd Daniels, on the other hand, emphasises the need to train at what he terms threshold pace in order to achieve optimum athletic performance. Then followed a co-ordination phase of six weeks in which anaerobic work and volume taper off and the athlete races each week, learning from each race to fine-tune himself or herself for the target race.


Caraway I’m a year-old living in Berlin, Germany. In Johannesburg, South Africathe only athletics club in the world to be named after a coach, the Lydiard Athletics Club, was founded in to promote Lydiard’s training methodology and promote running as a way of life amongst the youth. The daily distances in this plan range from a mile jog at Lydiard’s ground-breaking impact runnjng distance running was recognised by Runner’s Worldwhich hailed him as All time lyiard running coach.

The Lydiard Training Method – Salty Running

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. How did it work out for you? I mean, Lydiar never met him he died inaged 87but I just love a good underdog-goes-against-the-grain success story.

Arthur Lydiard died 11 December of a suspected heart attackin Texaswhile on a lecture tour.

For me, that would be about 60 miles. While it is a longer training cycle than what you may be used to, the length of the cycle allows the safe development of running fitness as each phase builds on the previous one.

Nearly every successful athletics coach or athlete active in the world today consciously or unconsciously emulates Lydiard’s training system rknning laying an endurance base and making use of periodisation for peak performance.

Looks like lysiard peaks around 55 miles per week most weeks in the range running 5 days per week perfect for me, as ish is my sweet spot and I like to cross train. When you sign up, you enter a bunch of details including recent race times, length of your current long run, and how many days per week you want to train.

Gonna have to do some more reading up on this!

Rangiora High School has a house named after Lydiard. Horwill also differs from Lydiard in that he believes that all aspects of training must be present in a training programme at any time of the year and periodisation is a matter of simply emphasising one aspect of training such as speed or strength during a particular phase in which all the other training components are present.


Before his arrival, interval training had been, unsuccessfully, the cornerstone of the Finnish training during the s. Lydlard, this seems like a really great plan, with a nice, sensible progression and lots of variety to keep me interested. We tried to follow the Lydiard principles within that scheme and put together plans with 4, 5, and 6 days a week. The next phase, Hill Trainingis meant to strengthen your legs for the harder interval training that follows. But when Lydiard was starting out, his ideas were revolutionary and there was no exercise science yet to back him up, just the proof of his own performances he became the New Zealand marathon champion and those of his athletes.

You can indicate how many days per week you want to run, how many weeks before your race, and you provide some details about yourself and previous race results. He believes that the Lydiard system ignores training at such intermediate paces between the extremes of long, slow, distance running and fast, anaerobic, track work. Ordinary members Arnold Nordmeyer C. After the base training phase, Lydiard advocated four to six weeks of strength work.

In his native New Zealand, the Legend marathon, which follows the famous training route followed by Lydiard’s greatest athletes over the Waitekere Ranges west of Auckland, was established in his memory by Zimbabwean-born Ian Winson.

Lhdiard has been lauded as one of the outstanding athletics coaches of all time and is credited with popularizing the sport of running and making it commonplace runnihg the sporting world.

He was inducted into the Order of the White Rose of Finland for his efforts.