This script creates a new, blank Lotus worksheet object in the Description field of the current document. LotusWorkbook must be in the OLE. Hi This is a known issue but if you get it the first time it may confuse you. Lotus script function CreateObject() does not work in NotesAgent if it. Unfortunately CreateObject returns error Cannot Create Automation Does anyone know whether there is any LotusScript equivalent?.

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Here is where we create the MS Word object from the system and assign it to the variable. Next is its new name.

This code accomplishes this task. An array is a collection of other variables of the same data type. Now change the value to 5. This defines a variable, bTestVariable with name decoration as Boolean.

In its place, put this:. Cannot create automation object – lotusscript Ask Question. But you told the computer that it should be equal to “Hello”. Our good programming createobjwct say that a subroutine should perform only one clear, concise function and should be named accordingly.

There’s a third, createobhect desirable, method, which we will not cover. That defines the header of the subroutine, but not the body. When you are comfortable with how variables are declared, their types, and how they can be used to store data, you can proceed to more advanced features of Lotuscsript.

A function is exactly the same as a subroutine, except that it returns a value to the calling program. Constants are extremely useful when you have certain values that will hardly ever change or that will never change.


Lotus Domino Designer 7 Help – Example: CreateObject method

But it is a special variable because of the 1 to 5 piece that is added next to the name. It is more accurate about what it is doing. It can hold anything. Now the printing is separated from the converting, and it is clear what each part is responsible for.

When this line is finished executing, MS Word is actually running on the computer, but you cannot see it. Good programmers, however, will declare the last part, the data type. The Lotus documentation suggests using Do While instead of the While The dot notation means that the variable might have different parts. In all other cases, variables should be declared with a specific type.

OLE LotusScript Class to read and write to Excel —

Therefore, you use the loop and the variable nCount to start at 1 and go to 5. Good programmers creeateobject use Variants.

However, we will return to the subject of variables one last time before ending this section, to talk about variable scope. Lotuascript might be hundreds of objects that are all of the same class. The output from this would be “It wasn’t a valid selection! In this example, the LotusScript Editor tprint command sends text output to the editor’s screen. If you declare it beforehand, you will get an error. In the previous example, the info variable was not declared.

CreateObject method (LotusScript Language)

Here is the code that can be entered into the LotusScript Editor the Chapter Besides looping, you can control execution of a program in two ways. This forces developers to think about what they are doing. Then you can use them by changing their values data. This goes back to the introduction of the chapter, when we talked about Option Declare.


For example, there is a built-in LotusScript class called NotesDocument. I am using Notes 9 and windows 7. These are clearly relatedso putting them on the same line does not violate any of our construction rules cohesion, in this case.

Classes are used to encapsulate the properties variables and methods subroutines and functions of some conceptual “thing” in one spot. Then comes an optional part, asand then another class name. Notice that this function is almost identical to a subroutine, except for the name: In fact, the variable that is used in a For loop is called a counter variable.

This demonstrates that you can add two strings together. To determine which value to print, you must tell the array your choice. The third part tells the system what data type that variable should be. Next loop, which is what we have done. Let’s resume the previous example, which the “Variable Not Declared” error returned.

This is an example of what is known as weak typing. Most of the time, you’ll put the Use command at the highest level possible in whatever design element you are using so that your definitions get the widest availability.

Here the element is accessed directly by its name. Behind those two lines of code however, is the Class WordApp.