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In the summer, they would lie on the grass for the sun to warm their bodies.

The dead would get together in the winter time to not feel the cold. They cross the Street and go straight to the densest, most hidden part of the Reserva Park. Oxwaldo image was slender and sad, when in profile against the sun. The heat is more intense. You have to smoke, drink, play, steal, skip school, take money from fagsand fuck bitches.

Los inocentes

Oswzldo call out to you. Yoni, ocean on film candy in the ocean rock rock tumbles rock face sea sea seeeeea of love love seeeaa. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Watch out, a car is coming. The money had to be spent on movies, races, beer, and fine cigarettes. Angel Face feels in his mouth a sweet, and turbulent deep moisture. Kassandra rated it it oswalco ok Dec 14, Return to Book Page.


Just recently, the neighborhood gang that shoots pool planned to rob a motorcycle.

Los Inocentes – Oswaldo Reynoso

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. How he wishes that, suddenly, Blush would extend his hand, that the guys would say: Oswalldo gamble all the money I give you. He sweats, opens and closes his fists in despair. The sky, heavy and hot, stifles.

Los Inocentes – Oswaldo Reynoso – Free Download PDF

Finally, they dominate him and take his shoes off, then socks and the three pounds appear, wet and stinky. Re his chesthe feels a frozen pothole that hurts him.

I must be a disappointment for her, a really big one. Angel Face is just lying on the grass, alone. Unexpectedly, Angel Face takes his arm and twists it behind his back; he frees his neck and uses the chance to get on top of his rival.

The sky is cloudy, dirty, sad. Kick the shit out of him! I wanted to hit him, but without noticing I said: Corsair looks at his ecstatic face. Blush calls him to fight. I argued with her, but she got her way in the end, as always.


The trees cut the cloudy, hot, dirty, dirty, dirty sky into pieces. Angel’s face is still pale, his hands in his pockets, waiting for the attack. Closes his eyes and throws the dice: They say he’s a doctor.

Adri rated it it was ok Sep 02, He reynoos Plaza San Martin. Carom, scared, thinks of Alicia when she dances; Prince, too, thinks and remembers Dora and Alicia. By the end, only Blush remained. Angel Face stands up furiously. Or maybe there is natural sympathy, spontaneous.

The afternoon has stopped.