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Country Summary for ARGENTINA

The CBC is compulsory and students more years to graduate. This is excellent news since in Latin America there is a lot of paleontological ground to cover and more paleontologists are needed; these new degrees and specializations will hopefully give more impulse to the discipline in Latin America.

A few private collections exist.

Programs are commonly divided into two cycles: The CPA career is similar to the CIC in having several categories with different requirements and responsibilities and the opportu- nity to apply for promotions as well.

Resultados Finales, Censo de Estudiantes Many of these of the nineteenth century. There are over 50 published erani, Its academic activities are divided into four principal areas: Between andduring his famous voyage on the H. Patrimonio arque- santes The real lsy in salaries and budget is actually lower due to consumer price index CPI variations.

Comment: Paleontology in Argentina

An alternative income to vertebrate paleontol- redlist. The Argentinian Natural Sci- others. Paleontology as a subject can be found in the geology and biology programs of many universities. The following persons and entities are deeply acknowledged: Sowerby, and Richard Owen Darwin, Los inicios de la The history of paleobotany in Argentina during the 19th century, p.


Ruta de los dinosau- Finales, Censo de Estudiantes A major concern of a great part of the Argentinian paleontological community is the illegal trafficking of fossils that survives in spite of the current legislation.

From the third year on, the biological and paleontological subjects gain importance while maintaining some geological topics Figure 3. The acronym CON- with a long tradition in their respective subjects.

For instance, it has periodically to the AAN the work permits issued, been said that this set of procedures hampers the the loans and transports authorized, and the new work of researchers Riccardi,and that it entries to the registries.

Under the – E. It also regulated the exploration and exploitation of the sites, by means of work permits that were only to be issued to scientific institutions without commercial purposes, and established limitations to the possession of remains or sites by individuals and private lands, considering the possibility of confiscation in special cases Endere and 25734, ; Endere and Rolandi, The board is integrated by and expanded second edition appeared in a president and eight researchers actively involved Camacho and Longobucco, ; Figure 1.

Federalism of science and technology is mainly promoted through higher salaries and grants available for those researchers that plan on settling on academic institutions outside the main metropolitan areas in which most research centers are nowadays concentrated CONICET, Photo by Eliana Coturel.


Their main goal is to join forces in order to stop illegal trafficking and to promote the implementation of national legislation and international agreements on the matter Endere and Rolandi, Some are very local examples while others are regional corridors Perini and Calvo,; GLR, This law claimed that the archaeological and paleontological remains of scientific interest were the property of the federal government. Las investigaciones sobre vertebra- la Argentina, Los primeros hallazgos de plantas However, the encourages the collaboration of foreign research- reach of the effective implementation of this ers with Argentinian colleagues.

There are over 50 published volumes. There is much to do in this of the CONICET researchers within the Earth, respect and only time and enthusiasm will tell how Water and Atmospheric Sciences Area worked in far paleontologists can go as new graduates start varied paleontological subjects.

The teaching job system differs across universities, but in many faculties of the UBA and in other universities as well, all teach- ing positions are assigned through open selection.