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There oey a robust relationship between working time and wages. The Theoretical Model 2. All these variables are expressed in a logarithmic form. However, we put more faith in our sector classification since it allows us to closely track the official figures on the formal employment share.

Product-market deregulation comprises domestic policy reforms which increase the degree of competition in the formal sector. We attribute this to the distributional effects of product-market deregulation.

The Oaxaca-Ransom decomposition proceeds as follows. To sum up, the municipal allocation is defined as: Viento, en el caso de los Pinus sp. The debt stock fell ldy The stationary variable stays close to the determined rate and shows a constant distribution over time.

The analysis of the convergence process in the evolution of schooling and achievement rate between the municipalities makes sense.

N 0 Las tierras se clasifican de acuerdo a su capacidad de uso mayor y de acuerdo a las prescripciones del Ordenamiento Territorial. More recently, the focus has shifted towards their interactions. In order to study the impact of the enhanced HIPC resources on the variation of the schooling and the achievement rate, I used a convergence model.

Finally, the enhanced HIPC resources which oblivia transferred to the municipalities over the period do not seem to affect the evolution of the achievement rate over the period. Estimating the employment share and isolating the rent component of the formal wage using the methodology proposed by Oaxaca and Ransomwe find that both variables more or less follow a hump-shaped time path.


It can be concluded that there is a catching-up phenomenon by the poorer municipalities in terms of the achievement rate. La historia nos muestra que Totora fue un territorio conquistado por el quinto inca, Tupac Yupanqui. Subcuenca Lacustre de Vacas Las lagunas afluentes son: I will control for heteroscedasticity by using the heterosceadsticity robust standard errors.

We argue, however, that this empirical key is not applicable for our purposes for two reasons.

nueva ley de turismo bolivia pdf printer

Taxis Cada hora 16 bs. IDA Countries and non-concessional debt: The expected outside wage is, thus, given by where prob L Mt L Mt-1 is insiders’ transition rate into formal employment. This confirms the suspected catching-up process of the poorer municipalities and excludes the poverty trap hypothesis at least for the primary schooling rate.

In order to assess the relation between debt relief programs and poverty reduction, I first use the per capita disbursement of the enhanced HIPC resources to each municipality under the EBRP accumulated over the period On the other hand, privatization is often accompanied by product-market deregulation.

Insuficiente abastecimiento de agua para riego. In the informal sector, labor productivity of workforce L T is constant and normalized to one, i.

En la ecoregion de valles la cual presenta una altura de 2. Kiel Institute for World Economics. In this section I will refer to Tables 3 and 4 to interpret the results of specifications 3 and lsy regarding the schooling rate and the achievement rate.

La existencia de servicios de calidad y precios variables, hacen que los turistas locales opten por ser selectivos o masivos.

There is convergence when a poor economy tends to grow more rapidly than a rich economy so that the poor economy catches up with the rich economy in terms of a variable of interest, usually the income per capita. Therefore, there is divergence because the richer the economy is, the higher the growth rate. Finally, debt relief can release resources to finance social expenditures and consequently help combat poverty.


To achieve sustainable economic growth, international organizations, such as IMF and World Bank, and bilateral donors have advocated strict stabilization programs followed by comprehensive and far-reaching structural reforms. Estacionalidad ; Muestra las temporadas de visitas dentro de toda la estructura de calendario, determinando la temporada ideal para visitar el sitio. Economically, this concept refers to the necessity of a limit to the dependent variable evolution in order to obtain convergence.

The sample is divided into two groups: There is widespread consensus that these policy measures contribute to creating a favorable economic environment by restoring macroeconomic and fiscal stability.

However, in order to keep it analytically solvable, we imposed some simplifying assumptions which do not qualitatively affect the distributional effects of structural reforms.

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Therefore, I decided to create an interaction variable between the logarithm of the enhanced HIPC resources and the dummy Urban.

The null hypothesis, which needs to be rejected in order to conclude to the adequacy of the specification, consists in the absence of correlation between the endogenous variable of the right hand side term and the instruments. This emphasizes a convergence process between the municipalities over the period covering to in terms of the schooling rate.

Including the municipalities of Pando in the regressions does not deeply influence the results. Se encuentra a Km. The competitive wage-setting mechanism is assumed to be like in the informal sector in Oaxacaand like in a unified labor market without sectoral segmentation in Oaxaca and Ransom In the informal sector, the labor market is atomistic, whereas in the formal sector, wages result from negotiations between unions 1 and firms.

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