Kulinkovich cyclopropanation refers to the reaction of esters, amides, and other carboxylic acid derivatives with Grignard reagents containing. Kulinkovich reaction: a facile method for cyclopropanol synthesis from esters Computational Study on Selectivity of Kulinkovich Reaction. An intermolecular Ti(IV)-mediated cyclopropanation reaction has been used to synthesize substituted 2-phenylcyclopropylamines and constrained analogues of .

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Rection use of bulky Grignard reagents can lower the yields of Kulinkovich reactions. When Fischer carbenes are used, the reaction proceeds through a chair-like kulinjovich state Eq. Stereoselective construction of bicyclo[5. The combination of both methods offers a broad synthetic potential for the synthesis of new cyclopropylamines:. The successful use in the synthesis of natural compounds is outlined in this perspective. Although 2 is prepared from methylmagnesium bromide, only one equivalent of Grignard reagent is needed for the Kulinkovich reaction because methane evolves as the reaction proceeds Eq.

For example, samarium-mediated reductive ring closure provides cyclopropanols in high yield Eq.

Back to tab navigation Fetching data from CrossRef. The exchange is fast for styrenes, and allows the use of EtMgBr as the Grignard reagent. Cyclopropylamines are similarly useful as cyclopropanes activated by an electron-donating group.

In addition, when the titanacyclopropane intermediate is prepared from cyclohexyl julinkovich cyclopentyl magnesium halide, ligand exchange with various alkenes mono- disubstituted, and cycloalkenes can be employed to expand the range of accessible products.

Kulinkovich cyclopropanation

Namespaces Content page Discussion. Cha and its team introduced the use of cyclic Grignard reagents, particularly adapted for these reactions. This complex undergoes a dismutation to give an alkane molecule and a titanacyclopropane 1.


This reaction was discovered by Oleg Kulinkovich and coworkers in A titanacyclopropane intermediate is common to all Kulinkovich-type cyclopropanations. With amides instead of uklinkovich the reaction product is an kulinkovidh in the de Meijere variation [15] [16].

However, this sequence can be useful for the generation of low valent titanium compounds that can be utilized for example in Pinacol Coupling Reactions.

Sub-stoichiometric amounts of titanium IV isopropoxide can still be used in this ligand exchange modification.

Amidesprimary and secondary aminesmost carbamates are not stable to the reaction conditions, but tert-butyl carbamates N-Boc derivatives survive the transformation. In the Szymoniak variation the substrate is a nitrile and kulknkovich reaction product a cyclopropane with a primary amine group.

Site Search any all words Main Categories. The formation of the initial titanacyclopropane intermediate from the Grignard reagent and the titanium IV isopropoxide has already been described in the article on the Kulinkovich Reaction.

Kulinkovich Reaction

Jump to site search. For instance, amides may be cyclopropanated to afford cyclopropylamines in high yield and reacgion Eq. Displacement of the product by two more equivalents of Grignard reagent restarts the catalytic cycle Eq. After the addition is complete, the resulting black reaction mixture is stirred for an additional 20 min.

Kulinkovich-de Meijere Reaction

Carbon-carbon bond forming reactions Titanium Name reactions. Site Search any all words Main Categories. Back to tab navigation. The Kulinkovich hydroxycyclopropanation reaction in natural product synthesis. If you are not the author of this article and you wish kukinkovich reproduce material from it in a third party non-RSC publication you must formally request permission using Copyright Clearance Center. This result is a consequence of kulinlovich of configuration at the carbon bound to titanium in the second migratory insertion step when amides are geaction contrast with Eq.


Formation of the more stable monosubstituted titanancyclopropane from the disubstituted intermediate derived from cyclohexylmagnesium chloride drives the formation of the less substituted product Eq. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Previous Article Next Article. A 1 M solution of n -butylmagnesium chloride in ether 52 mL, 52 mmol is added over a period of 6.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you are the author of kulinkvoich article you do not need to formally request permission to reproduce figures, diagrams etc.

Here, the disproportionation produces methane as a gaseous side product and allows the Grignard reagent to be fully utilized:. Kulinkogich, Synthesis, The original Kulinkovich reaction discovered in employed esters and ethyl Grignard and yielded mono- or disubstituted cyclopropanols Eq. Despite the possibility of olefin exchange with the titanacyclopropane intermediate see Eq.

Views Read View source View history. Retrieved from ” https: The trans -1,2-dialkylcyclopropanol is favored under these conditions.