Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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Practical Palmistry: Clear and Common-sense Explanation – Keiro (C.Y. Stephenson)

Such people are always in trouble, generally fighting or quarrelling with those about them and over things that are of no consequence. To know the number of children anyone will have, it is necessary to count these lines from the outside of the hand in towards the palm.

On the Spatulate hand the natural indication of the [Pg 35] Line of Head is long, clear and sloping, kriro if found straight or level it would indicate a practical development of the brain endeavouring to set off the active energy and originality indicated by the Spatulate formation. If the Line of Fate, however, should run on clear and strong from where it leaves the Line of Life, then the subject will overcome all such difficulties and win success by his own personal effort and merit, and not depend on what is termed luck at any time in the career.

A “square” is a sign of preservation against the attacks of palmistrry or efforts to assail one’s position. Such a sign would speak volumes for the will power and ambition of the subject under palmidtry. When twisted, irregular, and yellowish in palmiistry, the subject will suffer from biliousness and liver complaints. If this Line of Head farther out in the palm become straight, it denotes that the subject will, kiro, by the development of his intelligence largely overcome this failing of over-sensitiveness.

As mentioned in his memoirs, Cheiro acquired his expertise in India. While speaking on this particular point, I must also call attention to the fact that when the Line of Head is curved downwards kfiro of running straight across the palm, that it seems to be more attracted palmistrt the qualities indicated by the Mount of Venus and gives more to the imaginative, romantic nature, showing a greater tendency to fall in love, than with people who possess the Line of Head running straight across the hand, as if it were not attracted to the qualities indicated by the Mount of Venus.

The lower relates to the physical or more animal side of the nature, and the upper to the intellectual. Monday to Saturday 9. Another striking and important point is that the date or years marked on the Line of Fate of such a breaking out into the palm, will be found to coincide with the year in the subject’s life in which he asserted his independence or launched out into what he more particularly wanted to do.

When the fingers are very supple in the joints and turn backwards or outwards from the palm, keoro is an indication of a quick wit and clever brain; but such persons lack continuity of purpose. Such persons are deceptive and treacherous. When the line has an “island” at the beginning, then the ,eiro will be for a long time delayed, and the two persons will be much separated at the commencement of their married life.

They love to read or write books on the subject of the “sex problem,” but they are not inclined to put their theories and ideas into practice, at least with their own lives. Such people do not get credit for being as highly sensitive as do [Pg 17] the other people with the line sloping downwards towards the Mount of Imagination.


Palmistry for All by Cheiro

This explanation will be readily understood by readers when I again call their attention to the fact that one of the most important blood-vessels going from the body to the [Pg 40] hand is called the Great Palmer Arch, which carries the blood up to the hand towards the root of the thumb, and carries the circulation back on the other side of the Arch almost underneath the Line of Life.

When, however, the third finger is equal to the second, the love of amassing wealth will be the dominant passion of the life. It has been practised by the greatest minds in all those civilisations, minds that have left their mental philosophies and their monuments for us to marvel at. His ideality and refinement would be thrown away in such positions, and even with the best will in the world he would be completely out of harmony with his surroundings.

Practical Palmistry : Charles Yates Stephenson :

Notify Me We will send an email as soon as we get it in stock. If they once really love, they love for ever. These same parents would lift up their voices in righteous indignation if soldiers were sent into battle untrained, without their proper equipment, and yet these same parents have never, in the whole course of their lives, made the simplest study of any one of those many subjects by which they could in knowing [Pg xix] the nature of their child, have strengthened weak points in the fortress of character, or by developing some talent or gift, doubly armed him for his entry into the battle of life.

Sorry, out of stock. Better to Die than Live a Coward: Views Read Edit View history. As a rule the Line of Head is generally found in accordance with the type of hand on which it is seen, namely, lying straight or what is called “level-headed” on the Square-looking or Practical hand; or sloping, and thus indicating the more imaginative qualities on the Philosophic, Conic, or Psychic types.

I have seen, for example, many students make the mistake of paying great attention to what looked like a good Line of Sun or Success, and, at the same time, not noticing a weak, badly formed Line of Head, which contradicted the promise of success given by the various lines.

As a teenager, he traveled to the Bombay port of Apollo Bunder. When the Line of Head is widely separated from the Line of Life, then this chain formation of islands is still more accentuated and more difficult to cure. These people are also terribly head-strong and self-willed in all they do. WikiProject Biography may be able to help recruit an expert. In my large work on this subject, Cheiro’s Language paalmistry the HandI have been able to go into still greater detail with regard to all these Influence Lines.

A poor or non-developed Line of Head in the right hand of any man or woman is also the indication of a lack of purpose or ambition—there being no ambition where a want of mental desire and development is so distinctly shown.

If the Line of Head itself should curve upward, especially at the end towards the fourth finger or Mount of MercuryPlate V. This places the study upon a higher foundation than when it is considered purely from the superstitious standpoint with which it has so long keir associated. Personalize Gift card We will send an email to receiver for gift card. I would, however, humbly suggest that each of us endeavour by knowledge to find what our Fate may be, and like loyal workmen accept whatever the task should prove, and so carry it out to the utmost of our ability, willing to leave the final result to the Master that thought fit to employ us in the working out of His design.


The same marks on a hard, firm hand would not indicate as much delicacy, because hard, firm hands denote in themselves a robust constitution. In considering this, the student must carefully observe whether this one line across the hand lies across the centre where the Head Line would naturally be, or whether it lies palmistrt up towards the base of the fingers where the Heart Line is generally found. When made up of little pieces or linked like a chain, it is a certain sign of poor health, weak stomach and lack of vitality.

As the wisdom of the Hindus spread far and wide across keeiro earth, so the theories and ideas about this [Pg 5] study spread and were practised in other countries.

Remember that the hands are the immediate servants or instruments of the brain. The date when this line left the Line of Life will give the first date of its commencement, i. They have little pride about whom they love and they generally marry beneath their station in life. If the Line of Head is also poorly marked, or with “hairlines” from it, it is often the indication of some form of insanity which is likely to cause the subject to be placed under restraint in later life.

A broken Heart Line is a certain sign that some terrible tragedy in the affections will at some time or other overwhelm the subject. We also find that Hispanus discovered on an altar dedicated to Hermes a book on Cheiromancy, written in gold letters, which he sent as a present to Alexander the Great, as “a study worthy of the attention of an elevated and enquiring mind. If, with this latter indication, the student also finds all the upward main lines, such as the Line of Destiny, etc.

They are continually getting themselves into trouble and into false positions, but, I must admit, more by a strange fatality of things than by their own wilful actions.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro – Free Ebook

The difference in the observation of these two distinct classes of individuals, namely, those with the Line of Head joined but sloping, and the Line of Head joined and straight across the hand, has caused many exponents of this study to make great mistakes in the judgment of their subject.

Stead, Richard CrokerNatalia Palmsitry, and other prominent people of his era. If the mood or the desire does not come, such people, although always brilliant and clever, may often waste their lives doing nothing. This blood-vessel is more directly connected with the heart, stomach, and vital organs which may have given use to its term “The Vital,” as used by the ancients.