Any deviation to this regulation to be noticed to the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” by the contractor or consultant. These. Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring – Kahramaa. Views . Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation – Kahramaa · qa. L O D = Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation . KAHRAMAA hereby certifies that the WORK under the said CONTRACT has been.

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Developing rules for regulating electrical and water connections to buildings and facilities, monitoring the implementation thereof and granting the necessary licences.

Maintaining the strategic water reserve. Developing comprehensive programmes in all fields related to cooling services. Receiving and studying applications for building permits. Following up material published in newspapers and the media about the Corporation and competencies thereof, presenting them to the officials and preparing responses thereon. Implementing construction, operation and maintenance programmes, as well as connection and disconnection works in normal and emergency conditions, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.

Focused Recruitment

Study permit applications modification procedure and issuing Permit. Monitoring cash receipts, cash vouchers, journal vouchers and others financial documents after their exchange.

Electrkcal periodic reports about the number of applications and number of permits issued etc to update the relevant Government authorities and agencies. Kahramaa was mandated with several responsibilities and commitments, some of which are:. The violation committee to decide matters relating to violations of building permits. Issuing environmental licences for the Corporation’s projects in coordination with the competent bodies in the State. Proposing plans to develop systems and methods of work and simplifying procedures in coordination with the competent bodies and concerned administrative units.


Strengthening and developing the distribution networks according to the State’s needs. Supervising the implementation of rehulation projects and ensuring compliance with health procedures and safety systems.

Job Listings

Setting regular maintenance plans and programmes for the electricity delivery networks. The Minister of Finance may appoint one or more auditors for the Corporation who shall have the right to access the Corporation’s books, records and documents at any time, to request any data deemed necessary for the proper performance of their duties, and to check the Corporation’s assets and liabilities.

Following up the application of engineering and technical specifications inprojectsof electricity and water production plants.

Kahrramaa book is dedicated to facilitate KAHRAMAA communications with professionals’ consultants, contractors, and customers with regard to internal water installations. The terminal manhole should normally have maximum depth 1.

The right to own, construct, operate and maintain electricity generation stations, water desalination plants, electricity transmission and water distribution networks. Ensuring the compliance of the Corporation’s projects for approved technical specifications and standards.

Installing and monitoring water meters and conducting periodic maintenance. Implementing the kaheamaa, regulations and rules relating to personnel affairs.

Implementing procedures for staff performance evaluations.

The Department of Water Projects shall be specialised in the following: The Department of Conservation and Energy Efficiency shall be specialised in the following: The new guidelines highlight the need for electricity conservation, use of energy efficient machines, provision on lighting control, thermal insulation methods during construction and design of energy-efficient air-conditioning system.

Report to the Head Section on all site issues. The President shall, in particular: All applications for sewerage and drainage for servicing kharamaa developments are subject to approval by the Drainage Affairs as part of the Building Permit approval procedure before such facilities can be kahrzmaa.


Implementing procedures for staff appointment, transfer, delegation and secondment. The Department of Health, Safety and Environment shall be specialised in the following: In case of a design change or make additions or amendment to the design, New NOC application has to be submitted to Qatar Rail.

Providing technical support to electronic networks users in the Corporation and training them on the use of systems, programmes, computers and accessories. Supervising and helping the ekectrical of different agencies, working in the complex, for their best coordination and output. Proposing legislation relating to the activities and programmes of rationalisation of electricity and water consumption in the State, in coordination with the competent bodies.


New water, electricity rules for fresh projects in Qatar – Qatar News Doha

Monitoring and coordinating regularly with water production plants regarding the State’s water needs. Setting regular maintenance plans and programmes for electrical power distribution networks. The Department of Electricity Networks Planning shall be specialised in the following: Implementing connections of secondary feeders to supply customers.

All furniture allowances depreciate over a four year period.

Lay out regulations, standards and codes of practices which pertain to provision of electricity and water supplies to various buildings and establishments as well as review of their implementations. Professional experience in providing technical advice to the Regulxtion of technical affairs, review and monitor the periodical reports, KPI of projects, coordinate the Capital project budget and ensure the implementation of the Department procedures.