The New Jewish Publication Society of America Tanakh, first published in complete form in , is a It is unrelated to the original JPS Tanakh translation , which was based on the Revised Version and American Standard Version but. The Tagged Tanakh is a collaborative platform around the Jewish Bible, brought to you by JPS. Sefaria users have long requested a modern Tanakh translation, and we’re pleased to now offer the classic Jewish Publication Society.

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Then he promises them that from the day they begin the restoration in earnest, the harvests will become more plentiful and the years of drought and famine will tanakj into blessings. Close This Message Ecclesiastes The title of this book in Hebrew is “Koheleth” the assemblerafter the book’s narrator. Will Jos continue to be a faithful servant even if his loved ones and his comforts in life are taken away? 9185 fate of humankind is not determined by their conduct in this life, and there is no life beyond death for humans any more than there is for beasts: When Nehemiah hears of the deplorable condition of Jerusalem and of the residents in Judah, he is filled with sorrow and prays to God.

Thus the suffering of the chosen people of God from cruel, ruthless oppressors, “. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Numbers begins by describing the last days at Sinai: Two alternative theories of Song of Songs are that it is a drama involving two or three chief characters and that it is a collection of popular Hebrew songs, of a simple dramatic nature.

Song of Songs consists in large part of dialogue, words exchanged between two or more people. Close This Message Exodus “Exodus” is derived from the Greek word signifying “departure” or “going out,”referring to the descendants of Abraham “going out” from bondage in Egypt to the Promised Land.

Thus, divine revelation becomes unnecessary, placing Proverbs in tension with many books in the Torah. The two books are in reality a single work and are so regarded in the original Hebrew canon. Judges receives its title from those who were raised up to be the deliverers of the Israelites from their enemies, after the death of Joshua.


Its preface sets forth the general character of the contents, introducing the value of wisdom and the character of wisdom, a central theme of the book as a whole. The English title, Ecclesiastes, is the ancient Greek rendering of the Hebrew, which means “a member of the assembly.

New Jewish Publication Society of America Tanakh

Unlike many of the other prophets, his prophecy is devoted to a single theme: Though his book is the last of the prophetic books, he is not the latest prophet whose writings survive.

He was recognized by the rulers there as “intelligent and proficient in all writings and wisdom without blemish, handsome, proficient in all wisdom, knowledgeable and intelligent, and capable of serving in the royal palace” 1: David’s reign as the next king becomes the central focus of 2 Samuel.

There Elimelech dies, and then his sons, who have married two of the daughters of Moab, Orpah and Ruth, die also. Assyria enters into a period of its greatest power and expansion, and Syria and Palestine are exposed to its severity.

However, there are hints within the text that the conquest and occupation of Canaan by the Israelites were a more gradual process and tanaoh altogether due to the actions of a united people.

The book begins with a prose narrative about the cause and extent of Job’s sufferings; it affirms that Job is righteous and that sin is not the cause of his calamities though this assertion is not known to Job or his mortal friends, only to the omniscient narrator and the reader.

It also foretells the re-creation of the Land of Israel and of its people andcontains a detailed vision of the restored Temple, Jerusalem, and nation. The Hebrew word for these deliverers is shofet ; itsplural is shofetimwhich has come to mean “judges.

JPS Tagged Tanakh | The Tagged Tanakh Chapter View

The third section of Numbers outlines the 38 years of wandering: Micah proclaims that the immoral and the false prophets are heading for disaster and ruin and that Jerusalem will be destroyed. Then he fanakh the mixed marriages and also the divorces, evidenced by the deserted wives weeping at the altar. That is, Daniel 1: Nahum comes to the people in order to console them and to foretell the overthrow of Assyria.

The books of Samuel are so called not because Samuel was the author, but because he is the most prominent actor in the opening portion, and the great instrument in the establishment of the Kingdom of Israel, which occurs throughout the remainder of 1 and 2 Samuel. Following sexual transgressions and familial violence and betrayal in the Tanak of David, Jerusalem becomes dangerous, and David is forced into exile. Zerubbabel had previously rebuilt the Temple, but not the city walls.


After holding the position of governor of Jerusalem, Nehemiah returns to the court of Artaxerxes. Unlike the preceding stories of succession and military triumphs, however, the future of the monarchy is tanaku determined by battles won. The name of Obadiah the prophet means “worshiper of Jos.

Each of them was given a portion of the Promised Land, which was their inheritance and responsibility to cultivate. The date of his prophecy was at about the time of Jeremiah’s call, before Josiah’s reformation suppressed worship to the god Baal, which Zephaniah denounces. After delivering his message at Bethel in rebuke of the people’s vices extreme luxury, revelry, and debauchery, combined with cruelty and oppression of the poorhowever, he delivers a final message of comfort and hope to the Israelites.

As the title suggests, the main character of this book is jpps prophet Jeremiah. Within their synagogue libraries, and in use in their adult education classes, one also may find a wide variety tanaih other Torah commentaries, including many from Orthodox Jewish authors and editors. Moreover, he asserts that other righteous men such as he suffer, while some wicked men prosper.

It concludes with promises and warnings also called “blessings and curses” tanalh, involving vows, tithes, and offerings to God. These are then followed by stories of Isaac, Rebekah, and thier children Jacob and Esau. His friends affirm that the cause is sinand they exhort Job to repent.

Daniel, faithful to God, ignores the ordinance and continues to pray, and for this he is arrested and thrown into a den of lions. The majority of the poems and narratives in these chapters are told in the first person and have a character of their own, which distinguishes them from jpw rest of Jeremiah.