Journey of the Universe has ratings and 31 reviews. Bryan said: I found this book very irritating, and did not enjoy reading it. I was curious, so I. In Journey of the Universe Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker tell the epic story of the universe from an inspired new perspective, weaving the. PDF | On Nov 1, , Julianne Lutz Warren and others published Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker: Journey of the Universe.

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For just as the Milky Way johrney the universe in the form of a flower, we are the universe in the form of a human.

She is co-founder and co-director of the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale. A bit esoteric and philosophical. Great group has come from this group, “Forum on Religion and Ecology”. Big history science is filled with little mysterious jjourney, upon which our entire existence rests.

The authors explore cosmic evolution as a profoundly wondrous process based on creativity, connection, and interdependence, and they envision an unprecedented opportunity for the world’s people to address the daunting ecological and social challenges of our times.

The major thesis, the telling of the human story, is an interesting blend of religion and science which takes both seriously. Some specific items irritated me too. Mar 08, Rick Hribko rated it really liked it. Saw the DVD several times already. Each time I learn something previously unknown to me, and am uplifted anew. It’ll surely leave you slightly awe-stricken with a funny feeling of curiosity. It flits far too lightly over many topics without sufficient context or explanation.

Journey of the Universe is designed to open peoples’ minds up to a bigger picture that is relevant to each and everyone of us. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. What is our place in the billion-year history of the universe? Quotes Brian Thomas Swimme – Host: Edit Details Official Sites: Swimme and Tucker largely adopt the overview of Big History in how they take us through each of the phases of the universe’s growth and each of the major turning points of human development and recorded history; this approach makes for a very a succinct and enjoyable story that has all the makings of a great myth No mention is made of God, but that the universe itself has brought us this far, and can be trusted.


This book is part of a larger project that includes a documentary film, an educational DVD series, and a website. Mar 07, Colleen Cook rated it it was amazing.

I feel like I’m the last person to know this! Is juorney a great work required of us? The authors make grandiose metaphors comparing the actions of the universe, stars, solar system, earth’s evolution, etc.

Clearly, others disagree with me! Swimme is the producer of three DVD series: Add to that some very random comments about whale people and bird people, and I wondered what I was doing reading it. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. A particularly gushing review on Amazon says “This book is written at a level which kids in their early teens could easily assimilate.

Lists with This Book.

Journey of the Universe () – IMDb

Love, truth, compassion and zest—all of these qualities regarded as divine become powerfully embodied in the universe. Jan 05, Max Potthoff rated it really liked it Shelves: However, I even found their language in this area irritating, and in no way persuasive to those on the political right who deny that this is happening. David KennardPatsy Northcutt. Nov 01, Bart Everson rated it it was amazing.

In Journey of the Universe Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker tell the epic story of the universe from an inspired new perspective, weaving the findings of modern science together with enduring wisdom found in the humanistic traditions of the West, China, India, and indigenous peoples. We are just a speck in the universe, but we are brings with the capacity to feel comprehensive compassion in the midst of an ocean of intimacy” – page Journey of the Universe is precisely that, an account of the universe’s odyssey from the big bang right up to the present day, as based on the latest scientific understanding of how the cosmos has formed.


The intense amount of information for such an expansive subject allows for, and invites, repeated viewings—and investigating the subject matter more deeply. I am just not trusting the Okay I am afraid now that I see the book’s reviews’ stellar star numbers.

Still, if you haven’t been exposed to Swimme’s work before this is a good introduction. This book had neither. Also wonderful is the scientific narrative spine and to ask over and over-ok, what does it mean for us?

Not that joirney that is said is necessarily untrue. But do we humans have such a role? While it’s hard to review this book in relation to other more dense deep-dives of environmental history, this is a tremendously important text as a guiding cosmological map in our atomized and modern world.

If you love science, planets, etc. This covers much of the same ground as The Universe Story but more streamlined. It made me think unievrse my footprint on the natural o and how I could start to reduce it. About halfway through the book, I watched the documentary of the same name and the book benefitted from the visual complement.

On our best days, our society values rationality and progress. More theology of physics, please! Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.

Brian Swimme

Though a little book, it tells a big story-one that inspires hope for a way in which Earth and its human civilizations could flourish together.

Each type of theorist has something to add to the explanation of where we came from and where we’re going.

Is that common knowledge?