Armintrout’s bold debut, the first book in a violent vampire series, bares its fangs early, unafraid to spill blood and vital organs from its very first. I’m no coward. I want to make that perfectly clear. But after my life turned into a horror movie, I take fear a lot more seriously now. I finally became Dr. Carrie. Jennifer Armintrout (born July 11, ) is an American author best known for a series of urban Bibliography[edit]. Blood Ties series[edit]. The Turning (); Possession (); Ashes To Ashes (); All Souls’ Night ().

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Unfortunately, she meets something far worse than a dead body down in the morgue and her life is changed forever. Feisty, independent Armintroht would like to make up her own mind, but an invisible “blood tie” to Cyrus Kerrick, her evil sire, leaves her in his thrall—she can’t help lusting after his body and power.

Carrie is between a rock and a hard place and it looks like she has jennlfer safe to turn.

She not too thrilled about it either. Carrie was believable, not sweet and innocent like Feehan’s heroines do romance heroines jenmifer have to be sweet? And altho some intimacy has been seen, no romance is on the cards there yet.

Jennifer Armintrout

The heroine is a hospital doctor who gets turned into a vampire and one of the first things she gets told to do and does in pretty short order is quit her job. You know, easily accessible supply of donor blood however unethical it would be to steal it would come in handy. I mean who is going to believe that most vampires want to make sure that they all die off. Jul 12, Kathryn rated it it was ok Shelves: This is no sweet, humorous vampire romance.


It’s like all the charm and smart drains out of her and she So it’s been a while since I have actually reviewed anything and to ease my way back into this I decided to dive into my favourite genre.

Carrie Ames, an hte room doctor who must adapt to life as a vampire after being attacked by one of her patients.

And that’s not to mention her repeated tantrum-throwing baggage re: The reason I first picked this book was because it’s about vampires and the heroine wasn’t a 16 year old waiting for the prince charming. The author failed to convince me that characters would instantly be so accepting of certain behaviors, regardless of the weak plot devices used.

Then the blood tie kicked in and was used for all sorts of ridiculous behavior and dialogue.

I read this book awhile back. The hero of the story is a vampire called Nathan who is a very likeable character. Mass Market Paperbackpages. Unfortunately, the guy dies and so later in her shift Carrie decides to confront her fears and view the body. And wouldn’t it make sense for her to stay working at the hospital at least for a little bit.

Blood Ties Book One: The writing is smart, sassy and the overall plotline managed to surprise me several times along the way. Someone who sticks to the rules, who cares and wants to help, but who is also strong, handsome with a hot body to boot. Blood Ties – 2.

Retrieved from ” https: We have a newcomer called Max at the end of the book furning I suspect we’ll see more of O iniciado, com o sangue do seu progenitor a correr nas suas veias, sente-se sempre compelido a estar e a zelar pelo seu truning.

Jennifer Armintrout Book List – FictionDB

Yes even the sadistic and maniacal Cyrus, which to me is the sign of some clever writing when you feel for the bad guy. The sex scenes are fairly explicit but not overly so, unfortunately there was no love involved with either Nathan or Cyrus. Hang onto your heart folks. When he acts his age you just want to lick every morsel you can see of him. Fionna Free Man is the pseudonym of a writer of erotica, and the book was a recasting of the story of Thomas Jefferson and his mistress Sally Hemings into vampire fiction.


Even if it means losing my life. I’m a firm believer that though not intrinsic an author’s behavior has an impact on how I perceive their works. I think Armintrout decided to go for grit and danger more then vampire lore, and the book is very strong because of that. The Just in case you, like me, got this book confused with paranormal romance: Sometimes I find a book that could be really great, it has great ratings and everything P I rarely say to people “don’t bother with this book,” as it goes against my principles of everyone having differ Ina – She was easy to loathe.

The tie works like an invi I’m no coward. He’s lonely, and all his other fledglings have been killed by the Movement. Till Death Jennifer L Armentrout. I liked the way vampires were re-imagined to be more monstrous, very Buffy-esk which I really liked.