Home Jawara v Gambia (Communication No. /95, /96) [] ACHPR 17; (11 May ). Jawara v Gambia (Communication No. /95, /96) []. The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACmHPR) held that the Government of Gambia, by failing to provide any defense to the allegations. Jawara v Gambia, Merits, Communication no /95, Communication no /96, 27th ordinary session (27 April May ), 13th Annual Activity Report.

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Nevertheless, events during the closing years of the People’s Progressive Party rule together with post-coup revelations and inquiries suggest that corruption jaawra both a significant phenomenon and one bambia played an important role in the PPP’s survival. The hegemony of the PPP, contraction of intra-party competition and growing social inequalities were factors that could not be discounted. The question of his retirement continued to loom over The Gambia’s political future, however, and dissent mounted.

Dawda Jawara

Upon matriculation inhe worked as a nurse until at the Victoria Hospital in Bathurst now Banjul. As noted, British colonial policy at that time divided The Gambia into two sections; the colony and the protectorate. The Aku, a small and educated group, are descendants of freed jawaraa who settled in The Gambia bambia manumission. The Gambia Search Advanced Search…. And it was rare for Gambians to be awarded scholarships in the sciences.

Structural adjustment programmes implemented in response to the economic crisis jadara in government fragmentation, privatisation, less patronage in co-opting various groups and growing corruption. Thus was born the Protectorate People’s Party. Since independence, there has been little change in the structure of the economy, which remains vv heavily dependent on groundnut production.


The 30 years the PPP regime operated with diminished resources and therefore could no longer rule as it always had. In the process, he established valuable social contacts and relationships with the relatively well-to-do cattle owners in the protectorate.

This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat Instead, he made overtures of reconciliation, with judicious and speedy trial and subsequent release of over detainees.

Sir Dawda K Jawara v. The Gambia —

At the Cooperative Union it was agreed that a Presidential Commission be c to investigate alleged corruption. While at Prince of Wales College and School popularly known as Achimota CollegeJawara showed little interest in politics at a time when Ghana and many colonies in Africa were beginning to become restless for political independence or internal self-government. A data handbookp. In The Gambia two additional factors persuaded Jawara to pursue a somewhat different route to political survival.

Dawda Jawara – Wikipedia

At a meeting in at Basse, a major commercial town almost at the end gzmbia The Gambia River, the leadership of the People’s Progressive Society decided to change its name to challenge the urban-based parties and their leaders. While Senegal’s intervention was ostensibly to rescue President Jawara’s regime, it had the effect of undermining Gambian sovereignty, which was something that had been jealously guarded by Gambians and Jawara in particular.

On 22 Julya group of soldiers led by Lieutenant Yahya Jammeh stormed jawada capital. In Decemberfive months after the foiled coup, the treaties of confederation were signed in Dakar. For many years observers viewed corruption in The Gambia as significantly less prevalent than in many other African states.

Tue a month prior to the coup, Reverend Ian Roach had spoken out jqwara against corruption, the local press reported numerous instances of low-level bureaucratic theft, and higher up, Jawara’s leniency towards the ministers and civil servants towards the end of the s was widely resented. The original group resented the fact that newcomers had not participated in the early struggle for power and yet were now enjoying the fruits of their labour.

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This was particularly embarrassing because the people and organisations with the highest loans were close jawqra PPP. By agreeing to the creation of an army, Jawara had planted the very seeds of his eventual political demise. When Jawara returned home in after completing his studies as a veterinary surgeon, he first served as a veterinary officer. We bring together information on the legal frameworks for the right to information from more than countries. Jawara himself refrained from excessive self-enrichment and many of his lieutenants followed suit.

Sir Dawda K Jawara v. The Gambia

Mary sub-regions, were franchised, while their counterparts in the protectorate were not. Economic Recovery in the Gambia: Yet it was relinquished expediently. Prime Minister of the Gambia — University of Glasgow University of Liverpool.

Compared with the previous attempt to overthrow Jawara, though, this coup was deemed “bloodless”.

Canadian Journal of African Studies. As a veterinary officer, Jawara travelled the length and breadth of The Gambia for months vaccinating cattle. Corruption had become a serious problem in The Gambia, especially during the last two years of the PPP rule.

A group of para-statal heads and big businessmen closely associated with the PPP g the Banjul Mafia were seen as the culprits responsible for corruption in the public sector. His limited resource base posed an obvious, though not insurmountable, problem.