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It is a precise, easy to read guide and that will only take up a small part of your time. Once the student has finished with them, they should be meticulously destroyed and burned. The first one irsael adapted from one of the Golden Dawn rituals reading: In the last resort, let me assert here that rituals and talismans and all ceremonial magic become effective not only because of the employment of the trained will and imagination, but primarily by virtue of the affective arousal of which he is capable.

In this way, the planetary influences of a high potency are organismally absorbed to produce subtle far- reaching effects: Caph Aleph Resh Resh 20 1 The spelling talsimans this name can then be applied to each planetary kamea, from which we would obtain a different sigil in varying planetary media.

These Symbols therefore may be placed around the circumference of the circle, together with the traditional symbol of Water, the inverted Triangle.

Prithivia yellow square. In that case, the ancient tradition demands a further process.

Here is a tentative design that could be taken as basic or suggestive: For the most part, these have been reprinted in The Magus by Barrett, were appropriated by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the last century, and were once more reprinted by me when compiling the material for the fourth volume of The Golden Dawn.

That is to say, the English lettering should be clear, as beautiful as he can possibly make it, and relevant to the subject held in mind. It represents the name first operating as one set of waves or frequencies and then as another, sliding as it were on a wide band of frequencies. Moonbow rated it really liked it Jun 20, If nothing else, if you haven’t made a talisman during the course of your career, pick up this book and find out how easy it is to do so.


Published May 1st by Thorsons Publishers first published Words of Power 28 4. This discussion is purely arbitrary, and is intended simply to stimulate the ingenium or latent creativity of the student. After all, they are symbols of divinity and should be respected as such.

Here is where some slight understanding is required of the basic meanings of the planets in traditional astrology. Or, if I needed strength and aggressiveness in order to apply for a new, higher-paid position, or courage to beat a political opponent, then Mars would be the talismanic planet, and the symbols to be gathered should be martial.

Lilith Asmodeus rated it it was amazing Jan 28, The only requirement is that he copy artistically. These sixteen symbols, though attributed to the twelve signs and seven planets, may still be further reduced to the four elements, as indicated on a chart in the appendix.

How to Make & Use Talismans

There was always some verse or reference to be found which could sanctify the use to which this particular talisman was about to be put. If one uses either of these two systems, it is essential to use talisamns exclusively in any one operation.

In addition, symbols and designs have been freely developed from the basic sixteen geomantic symbols whose origin is lost in the dimness of time past. They could have been lettered in the Angelic tongue, but I have decided to do this in English script in order to complete my total break with tradition. Of course one has to be familiar with the books of the Bible to know where to look for the right phrase.

It requires to be activated by the forces of higher planes. The day has long since passed when the average intelligent person knew no other sacred scriptures than those of his own family, country and religion.

A Practical Example 40 6. The Resh,in this case has to reduce to 20, instead of to 2. To demonstrate this process further, mainly to illustrate the simplicity of sigils and magical designs that may be educed from the several kameas, consider the name Carr.


Now the process of initiation, takes over with a view to opening the candidate to higher forces. Having arrived at this conclusion, magical study informs me that these character defects can best be remedied by the invocation of the higher powers of the element of Water, to which joy and happiness are attributed. The novelty consisted of drawing the twenty-two Hebrew letters in the petals of the Rose according to the archaic attributions of The Sepher Yetzirah.

How to Make & Use Talismans by Israel Regardie

The Sigil superimposed on the Solar Kamea will appear thus: Both classes of names should be used in these operations. The name Gabriel should then be converted into Hebrew letters, only for the purpose of making a tracing of its letters on the accompanying Rose.

There is no reason at all why one should not be able to switch from one system to another. By making it carefully and artistically, by charging it in due ceremonial form, and wearing it on my person at all times, the intention is that the constant sensory stimulus it affords may evoke out of the unconscious depths of my psyche the latent potencies of the pleasure- principle which have been suppressed by virtue of early puritanical training.

Full text of “Israel Regardie – How to Make and Use Talismans”

In this manner, the daily use of the appropriate talisman may help rectify some of the astrological imbalances in his horoscope and in his personality make-up. Here is an example of the Square of Mars representing the taliamans Sephirah of Geburah. Obverse Reverse The basis of most talismans of old time were predicated either on the twelve signs of the zodiac or upon the seven planets known at that time. Volume I of The Golden Dawn gives this name and many other hierarchical ones in Hebrew, so that there should be no problem in making the sigil.