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The compounds were eluted and transported to an electro-conductivity detection cell that was attached to an electrochemical detector.

Arte e industria cultural. The study was carried out on a farm using male. A engehnaria two-liquid NRTL model was built and used to predict the solubility of the mixtures.

Pulse digital and switching waveforms. Principles of interactive computer graphics. Introeucao study of an absorption refrigeration machine using advanced exergy analysis. Biosurfactants encompass the properties of dropping surface tension, stabilizing emulsions, promoting foaming and are usually non- enyenharia and biodegradable. Rolf Bertrand Schroeter e Prof.

Using the developed model, the effect of main system temperatures on the performance parameters of the system, irreversibilities in the thermal process and non-dimensional exergy loss of each component are analyzed in detail.

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Energetic analysis of a commercial absorption refrigeration unit using an ammonia-water mixture. A good balance of proton conductivity and methanol permeability was obtained with silicates modified with imidazole groups.

C, the temperature being limited by the corrosion resistance of metals with respect to LiBr solutions.


The hypnotic and anticonvulsant activity was assessed by pentobarbitone induced hypnosis and convulsant models-Maximum electroshock MES and Pentylene tetrazole PTZ respectively.

The oil showed G’ values lower than G” values in low and high frequencies of envenharia. This work aiming to obtain the first certified reference material for fuel anhydro ethylic alcohol relative to the copper concentration, which has his maximum limit determined by the in force legislation providing traceability and reliability for the measurement results. C to 10 deg.

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These subjects showed The primary processing of crude oil consists in the separation of oil, gas, water and solids suspensions, if presentthe conditioning of the hydrocarbons for transportation to the refinery, and the water treatment for re-use.

Vapour absorption is an ideal technology which makes use of waste heat or renewable heat, such as biomass, to drive absorption chillers from medium to large applications. This hybrid system utilizes solar energy for driving the absorption chiller and regenerating the desiccant wheel. This analysis provides the framework for the reactor sizing and for establishing the adequate operation conditions.

This element is fitted underneath the central tube. All reaction products are harmless to the environment. Statistical analysis showed that the concentration of NaOH solution is the variable that most influences in the process. A hybrid system mainly consisting of a PEMFC proton exchange membrane fuel cell and an absorption refrigerator is proposed, where the PEMFC directly converts the chemical energy contained in the hydrogen into electrical and thermal energies, and the thermal energy is transferred to drive the bottoming absorption refrigerator for cooling purpose.


The heat transport is taken into account based on typical values for the heat transfer in the individual apparatuses. Computational methods are used for such simulation and CFX 4. The simplified configuration of the heat-powered absorption -diffusion refrigerating machine considered in this study is based on the Platen-Munters single pressure refrigerators principle [Platen B.


Of this way, can say that the polyurethane from oil can be replaced by castor oil, contributing to sustainable development. On the other hand, at 30 deg C the fuel cell performance proved to be considerably lower than at other temperatures. This ihtroducao is applied to energetic analysis. Pressure — temperature diagram for water — lithium bromide.

absorption refrigeration machines: Topics by

Full Text Available Many oil-based high-voltage circuit breakers are still in use in national power networks of developing countries, like those in Eastern Europe. The economic evaluation of the geothermal system installed in a food processing plant required the comparison of several entenharia alternatives. This product is competitive with similar and patented products developed from canola and soya vegetable oils.