Set in the near-future, Into the Forest focuses on the relationship between two teenaged sisters as they struggle to survive the collapse of society. In many ways . Into the Forest is a Canadian drama film written and directed by Patricia Rozema. The film is based on the book written by Jean Hegland published in Apocalyptic tale of sisters surviving in a forest in northern California.

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The house also made them targets to looters and rapists and so the destruction of their home was a form of protection, both physically and emotionally. Banks and schools and libraries will have reopened, and Eva and I will have left this house where we now live like shipwrecked orphans.

Into the Forest « Jean Hegland

Life with the fam was always like how it must be for a dog. It is Eva who ultimately recognizes that life will never be what fhe used to be, and so they had better prepare for life as it is rather than waiting for life as it was.


They stay with his body throughout the night, when animals are lingering in the darkness, the next day they bury him where he died in the forest so the wild pigs can’t eat him. What exactly is it expressing? We clung together for a long second and then we both leapt back.

Into the Forest

I had to think about this book overnight before figuring out what I thought about it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Writing that and it being true are not the same thing. I suppose it’s like the way people had already gotten used to having to drink bottled water, drive on overcrowded freeways, and deal with the automated voices that answered almost every telephone.

But the sisters saw the house as something holding them back, preventing them from moving on. The Globe and MailDecember 8, I glared at him, hating him for half a second for the effortless way he deflected my barbs and bad temper. It sounds much more interesting than it is. Nell learns how to kill a pig.

May 12, Lisa Vegan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Mar 07, Laura rated it liked it.


Nell lets go of her childish crush and Eva stops dancing. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Looking for More Great Reads? But after a few seasons of this, the family is left without electricity, internet, telephones, mail, or gas.

Dec 23, Pages Buy.

Into the Forest

But it is a very compelling read. How is that creating anything? Sep 01, Pages. Librairie de Port Maria — Quiberon. The language was descriptive and precise, but the tone was very depressing.

And the subsequent rape-baby? He convinces Nell to go with him. The girls live in the forest.

The only walk she’d do is two giant steps behind Eva. I’m even horrified to repeat it. This story features an act of incest very brief – blink and you’ll miss it but it is not a book heglsnd an incestuous relationship. I thought we were miserable last Christmas. Inspired by Your Browsing History.