Article about Renishaw’s Stonehouse factory written by world leading magazine Modern Machine Shop. References. [1]. K. Patorski, M. Kujawińska, L. Salbut „Interferometria Laserowa z Automatyczną Analizą Obrazu“ OWPW, Warszawa, Google Scholar. [2]. Interferometria laserowa z automatyczną analizą obrazu. K Patorski, M Kujawińska, L Sałbut. Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Warszawskiej, 46,

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The artifact is calibrated on a CMM before being stored on a machine. New citations to this author. It was delivering all of the planned-for results, including long stretches of unattended operation, dimensional tolerances held to the micron level and cycle times 50 to 75 percent lower than previous norms. This displacement measuring interferometry is extensively used for calibration and mechanical stage motion control in precision machining.

Email address for updates. After considering the options, the company elected to buy a large existing factory building and rebuild its interior as a clean, well-lit, well-ventilated manufacturing space.

These errors can be reduced by an environmental compensator unit XC ensuring that XL measurements maintain accuracy over a interferonetria range of conditions. All of its precision small-parts machining operations were consolidated at this location, referred to as Stonehouse after the name of the village nearby.

The other retroreflector forms the variable length measurement arm as its distance varies in respect to the beam splitter.

RAMTIC system still ticking

Hankins believes that turn-mill and other types of multi-tasking machines may represent the next generation of machining platforms that will ultimately supplant the RAMTIC cells. The intent was to create one of the most advanced machine shops in the world. Besides being clean and bright, the renovated Stonehouse is roomy. I the self-imaging phenomenon and its applications K Patorski Progress in optics 27, Perhaps more impressive and equally important are the unseen engineering principles that, layer by layer, build up a foundation for the process control in place at the machines.


Interferometry explained

Likewise, artifacts still play a critical role, but compensating for thermal distortion in no longer the primary function. Articles 1—20 Show more. International Journal of Optics 30 5, New articles related to this author’s research. New citations to this author. Aluminum chips, produced in substantial volumes during high speed machining, are collected at a compactor. Any deviation can be used to compensate for the apparent error automatically.


The laser beam 1 emerges from the XL laser head and gets split into two beams reflected 2 and transmitted 3 at the polarising beam splitter. Oferujemy standardowe i niestandardowe kursy szkoleniowe. The XC interferometri the air temperature, pressure and humidity, then calculates the refractive index of air and hence the wavelength of the laser.

This article is going to discuss artifacts, pyramids and a place called Stonehouse. The use of retroreflectors ensures that the beams coming from the reference and measurement arms are parallel when they recombine with each other at the beam splitter. Applications, The laser read-out is then automatically adjusted to compensate for any variations in the lasers wavelength. The parts produced on these machines include most of the components for probes such as this one.


The company wanted to keep its commitment to do most of its manufacturing in the U. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Therefore the movement is measured by calculating the number of cycles using the following formula: Their main responsibilities now lie in the middle section of the productivity pyramid. Probing routines track and eliminate its effects by re-establishing the location of key datum points and updating a work coordinate.

Mounted on the same dovetail fixture used for parts and tooling, artifacts can be delivered and exchanged by carrousel.

Talbot interferometry with increased shear K Patorski Applied optics 24 24, For example, the portable pallet carrousels were developed as more than just a means of loading and unloading workpieces at the VMCs automatically. The following articles are merged in Scholar.

In the XL laser system the two mirrors used in the Michelson interferometer are retroreflectors prisms that reflect the incident light back in the direction parallel to the direction from which it came from. A few comments about design for manufacturing DFM and maintaining a stable shop environment will suffice to sketch out this larger picture.