Inside the Spaceships has 63 ratings and 13 reviews. David said: When believers of UFOs divide into the usual 2 camps of Religious or Scientific, a str. George Adamski (17 April – 23 April ) was a Polish American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed spaceships from other planets, met with friendly Nordic alien Space Brothers, . In his book Inside the Space Ships, Adamski claimed that Orthon. Inside The Space Ships by George Adamski (). excerpt from the book: I had to remind myself that, after all, they too were human beings and, no matter how.

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But on that occasion it had thrown off various colors—red, blue and green—like a flashing prism in the Sun. Farther down the line two other doors opened, one on each side of the room.

We felt the sincerity of your interest. You have physical fathers on Earth, do you not?

The Banquet and a Farewell Humanity must awaken to these dangers and change direction. There have been many other landing reports in the past two years: On the wall exactly opposite the door through which we had entered hung a portrait which I was certain must represent Deity. And there will be much for you to learn about outer space, for it is on space itself that you will move.

I was not in the asamski sleepy, nor was I aware of any fatigue.

George Adamski – Wikipedia

Living in Flagstaff Arizona under the shadow of Percy Lowell’s famous Observatory in the middle of town on Mars Hill, I’ve looked through his great 24″ Clark Telescope at Mars, just for a few minutes, and saw suspicious yellowish markings like Spceships lines too.

This was much larger than the little craft I had in my memory. Just as when one reaches the top of a hill seen from below, a further hill comes into view, so it is always with progress. As we lowered into the interior of the waiting craft there was again the sensation of dropping in an elevator, but no feeling of losing balance.

In the same way, man progresses from planet to planet, and from spacesbips to system toward an ever higher understanding and evolvement in universal growth and service. As I sipped it, I strove to regain my composure and to axamski the images of these gracious and beautiful young women indelibly on my mind.


Inside the Spaceships

These jeweled belts insidd the only ornament that I have ever seen worn by women of other worlds. He interviewed several of the people that Adamski claimed had been with him in his initial 20 November meeting with Orthon, and found that these witnesses contradicted Adamski’s claims. Our journey through the Scout had been a rapid one, and explanations were given en route.

Also in this room was a robot instrument which I was cautioned not to describe. UFOs are absolutely real. Your understanding of life tne the Universe is very limited.

At this time, karmic laws prohibit them doing any more. InAdamski announced that he would be attending an interplanetary conference held on the planet Saturn. Also, there are worlds where development has gone far in the field of science and remained low in the field of personal and social understanding, even though space has been conquered. Every three months a fourth of the inhabitants of our planets embark on these gigantic ships and set out for a cruise through space, stopping at other planets just as your cruise liners stop at foreign ports.

Preview — Inside the Spaceships by George Adamski.

George Adamski’s Inside the Spaceships Artist’s Conceptions

The explanation given me was that, whatever the people of space do, so much of themselves goes niside their work that it actually does vibrate with their life-force and the radiance of their personalities. Your planet, even as all others, was created by our One Divine Creator and is in itself a holy place, as are all His creations. For it is not inherent in natural man who understands even a little of his place in Creation to want to kill. You have traveled in each for a short distance only, but far ineide to give you much knowledge to pass on to your fellow men on planet Earth.

Adamski’s book Inside the Space Shipswhich describes his claimed travels through Earth’s solar system in a UFO, is considered by some critics [45] to be a “remake” of his science spaceshipss book, ghostwritten for Adamski by Lucy McGinnis, and entitled Pioneers of Space.

No doubt, whatever was necessary was tucked away between the walls. It suddenly struck me that he was speaking English with only a slight trace of accent, whereas on our first meeting he seemed unable to speak our language at all. Except for two door openings, the walls were entirely covered with colored graphs and charts like those in the Scout, but on a larger scale and more numerous. From both of these were electronic extensions to many instruments in other parts of the ship, making it possible, I was told, for these two telescopes to be used from many locations on the ship.


Beyond this huge chart, on the same wall but farther toward the back of the lounge, was a detailed diagram of this ship, and it too was marked with symbols of characters which were entirely unfamiliar to me. But it also is true that there is a growing desire on the part of many on Earth who seek sincerely for greater understanding.

Yet they were willing to share the sadness of our Earth, and to strive ceaselessly through the centuries to bring us light. Insise intact, but moderately visible at dedication page. However, as one UFO historian has noted, “even in the early s [Adamski’s] assertions about surface conditions on, and the habitability of, Venus, Mars, and the other planets of the solar system flew in the face of massive scientific evidence It is no different today.

Highly sensitive instruments, they transmit their findings inwide only to the Scout, but also direct to the mother ship so that duplicate records can be made.

At times, adzmski the dark objects would become partially luminous. There was no interruption until I myself returned to an awareness of my surroundings. It would be sad indeed if the truth should become lost under a smoke screen of self-important nonsense.

I felt that this conversation had contributed much to my understanding and I was filled with hope.

I went over to the window and stood staring out at the busy street. Spacdships could be similar in operation to our present-day photoelectric cell.