Ring of the Dove: Ibn Ḥazm: Literary activities: One delightful example is The Ring of the Dove (Ṭawq al-ḥamāmah), on the art of love. Probably best known for. A Bird after Love: Ibn’ Hazm’s. The Ring of the Dove (Tawq al- Hamāmah) and the Roots of Courtly Love. Nazan Yıldız. Hacettepe University. Ibn Hazm paints a gorgeous picture, for example, of how our souls all come from the same great whole, which is shattered into pieces. When we meet someone.

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The minister who had charged himself with conveying Plato’s words to the monarch exclaimed, ” O king, it has now become evident to you that he is innocent; what more lies between you and him? Finally in an elegant Spanish translation was published by E.

As for what transpires at first blush dve a result of certain accidental circumstances-physical admiration, and visual enchantment which does not go beyond mere external tne this is the very secret and meaning of carnal desire; when carnal desire moreover becomes so overflowing that it surpasses these bounds, and when such an overflow coincides with a spiritual union, in which the natural instincts share equally with the soul; the resulting phenomenon is called passionate love.

I myself have known this situation, and put it into verse.

Ring of the Dove | work by Ibn Ḥazm |

Black is the hue, the Scriptures tell, Of the inhabitants of Hell; Black is the robe the mourner dons, And mothers who have lost their sons. Love itself is an inborn disposition; man can only control those motions of his members, which he has acquired by deliberate effort. Love untwists the firmest plaits, and looses the tightest strands it dissolves that which is most solid, undoes that which is most firm; it penetrates the deepest recesses of the heart, and makes lawful things most strictly forbidden.

I have also stated the converse case. Ibn Hazm’s prose, judged by the canons of adab accepted in his day, is of a very high quality; it is learned without becoming frigid, rhetorical without being bombastic, fluent without degenerating into flatulence.

Neither is it astonishing that a man should prefer the inferior article, when such an eccentricity is part of his inborn nature. Lovers for the most part employ as their messengers to the beloved either a humble and insignificant fellow to whom nobody will pay much attention, because of his youthfulness or his scruffy look or untidy appearance; or a very respectable person to whom no sort of suspicion will attach on account of his show of piety, or because he is of advanced years.

And then thee soon will it Be undermined, and split; Firm will its structure stand, Its fabric still expand. I have myself seen them, and known others who had seen their forebears, from the days of al-Nasir’s reign down to the present day; every one of them has been fair-haired, taking after, their mothers, so that this has become a hereditary trait with them; all but Sulaiman al-Zafir God have mercy on him! Want to Read saving…. Huma Yhe ‘s review Jan 26, Meanwhile the requirements of dogma, ritual and law encouraged the growth of a kind of literature hqzm soon found acceptance as a respectable and indeed a meritorious occupation; wandering scholars made it their hazn to collect the traditional sayings of Mohammed, carried into remote provinces of the far-flung Moslem empire by the victorious expeditionaries of the cause.


The Arabs were fiercely proud of the complexities of “their syntax and the opulence of their vocabulary where learning conflicted hszm taste, learning generally won the day. I saw the same letter after the blood had dried, and would have sworn that it was written with a tincture of resin. One day I was seated with him, and felt so distressed at the visible evidence of his miserable condition, his head cast down, his staring eyes, that I said to him among other things” May Allah grant you relief!

Now here is an instance from my or experience. It may be objected, that if Love were as I have described, it would be exactly equal in both the parties concerned, since the two parts would be partners in the act of union and the share of each would be the same.

April 4, — Shelved as: Thereafter their loved ones vanished, either into oblivion, or by separation, or jilting, or through some other accident to which love is always liable; but hzm men never lost their admiration for the curious qualities which provoked their approval of them, neither did they ever afterwards cease to prefer these above other attributes that are in.

Things of the greatest moment in The humblest origins begin; Witness the date-tree, hugely grown To heaven from a little stone. As for the lover, his soul jbn indeed free and aware of where that other is that shared with it in ancient proximity; his soul is ever seeking for the other, striving after it, searching it out, yearning to encounter it again, drawing it to itself if might be as a magnet draws the iron.

Apart from that passion for the display of traditional religious learning which animated most Arab writers and recommended them to their fellows og inevitably set up a barrier between them and the outside world, grammar and philology tthe also held to be indispensable weapons in the armory of the ambitious author.

The man who is not so riing quickly finds complete relief and is at rest again; I have never wearied of anything once I have known it, and neither have I hastened to feel at home with it on first acquaintance. In that event, no single detail of what the lovers are intending remains hidden from him.


I have written a poem on this topic, from which the following may be quoted. I will be afflicted by some shocking blow, and at once feel my heart to be splitting and breaking into fragments; I have a choking sensation in my heart more bitter than colocynth, that prevents me from getting my words out properly, and sometimes well nigh suffocates me.

One moment he is all smiles, lightly gesticulating; ibbn next, and he has become completely boxed up, sluggish, distrait, rigid, too weary rnig utter a single word, irritated rhe the most innocent question. The first is when the lover hopes to meet the beloved, and then some obstacle intervenes to prevent it.

In my opinion, however, such a love is a tumbledown building without any foundations.

I know a man who commenced his declaration of love by quoting to his lady some verses of my own composition. The Persians introduced them to the idea of adab, a term most difficult to translate; broadly speaking, adab is a form of prose composition whose primary purpose is not religious but secular, and which is intended not merely for instruction but also for enjoyment.

The tears of passion flow And flow again; The veil, of love, I ringg, Is rent in twain. The girl would be o begin with innocent of any regard for him; still worse, ibh would ting dislike him, for indeed his ways were not very engaging, with that perpetual scowl which never left his face, particularly when he was with women; yet within a very short time he had mastered her to his will.

Ring of the Dove

In my youth I loved a slave-girl who happened to be a blonde; from that time I have never admired brunettes, not though their lark tresses set off a face as resplendent as the sun, or the very image of beauty itself. I diagnosed the same disposition within myself; and no sooner did I set this point of agreement into motion and confront his soul with this characteristic which he possessed in common with me, than he gave orders for my release.

The ths was being prepared for the Reconquista. That’s his idea, which I found quite charming. One day I visited our friend Abu ‘1-Sari ‘Ammar Ibn Ziyad, the freedman of al-Mu’aiyad, and found him deep in thought and much preoccupied.