Hi, I built 2 hypex UcDHG w/HxR monoblocks about 4 or 5 years ago. At that point the switch mode PSU had not been introduced, so I used. Module amplificateur Hypex UCDHG HxR W . Disponibles en 2 versions: UCDHG et UCDHG ils seront parfait pour une utilisation audiophile. Logo AA 0 The UcDHG amplifier module is a self-contained high- performance class D amplifier intended for a wide range of audio applications.

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Close Accept and continue. In no event will Hypex Ucd040hg B. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. That led me to think up of a new power control board: Reviews of the A amplifier doesn’t exactly suggest stellar performance in midrange and treble, but who cares for an amp supposed to do nothing above Hz. Log in or create an account.

Hypex UcDHG top view | Audio | Pinterest | Boombox, Class d amplifier and Audio

Anyway, as-is the Hypex is the perfect partner for my GlowMaster and delivers a firm, solid bass from my stock ATS-4 and Illuminator-5 speakers.

By using a model, the user agrees to ucd400yg Hypex Electronics B. Please try again later. Be patient during sending That meant desoldering the power transistors that do most of the work:.


The timing of the relays was controlled by three timer ICs, set to monostable mode and each adjusted to a different time ucd400ng. I was expecting a little more and have added an attenuator 2Px6 on the uc4d00hg panel of the Hypex allowing 0, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5 and -6 dB attenuation not shown on photos. Meanwhile, I had built a little power control board, seen above on the bottom left. My center channel is also DIY, using Seas units.

You can share your feelings about products and help other people by sharing your experience. Cool project, by the way.

HYPEX UCD400HG Module amplificateur HG HxR 400W

The information in this package may not be complete or accurate, and the products depicted in drawings, models, specifications, and other types of content may not be to scale, or the most recent version. Enceintes Monitor pour les studio d’enregistrement. I wanted it to be very good sound-wise, but also quite powerful since my speakers like a lot of power. Above the actual measurements displaying the reduction in gain htpex the 5 stages.

Hypex recommends that the LMs used as buffers be powered by off-board high quality power supplies, so I decided to go that way.

Last items in stock! Why write products reviews? My resistor choice to make max -5 dB gain did not exactly turn out the way I wanted.


Hypex Electronics webshop

And thank you for your kind words. Yes, notify me when available!

Next up was the rear of the chassis. Uc400hg I wanted 2 x VA transformers but couldn’t find these with 2 x 40 V secondary windings, hence a single VA transformer.

Hypex UcD400HG Power Amplifier

My ordering list was this: My amps are dead quiet. Originally I had used a small switch to select either balanced or SE input to each of the channels. This is so cheap we could use the chassis and heat sinks alone and mount our own modules in case we hyped better ideas.

So, it is not what you would call minimal. I decided to go a little further aiming at wpc and the Hypex modules seems ideal for this. A power amp doing wpc can these days be had for almost nothing, e. A logic low at the control pin selects the balanced input, a ucr400hg high the single ended.