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Could ntop do “x” A.

How do I report a problem? If you want to use ntop as a collector for Net Flow traffic only, you may want to supress all local traffic. You can also enable it via a.

Net and used to work in the Sun Solaris environment. Toby Johnson [public tobiasly.

So why hasn’t ntop ‘won’? You really, really, really hate that ntop generates such lousy html code and you decide to scratch that itch. A patch in the cvs on 4Dec adds minimal support for p3p — specifically: None of these stop ntop from processing, but they’re indications of unprotected accesses to shared data areas, which could lead to lost counts. It can use a lot of bandwidth – especially if you’re reading from devices on the far side of slow links. As long as you stay within the limits of the shim, the same code works across platforms.


The files are stored in GDBM format. In fact you can’t eliminate that copy without taking packet processing out of the kernel altogether.


This doesn’t make for MORE bandwidth, but it does use it more efficiently. However, from OS to OS and distribution to distribution, there are many other common places.

While crypt is required part of the single unix specification, the details are implementation dependent. If no interface is given e. He also seems to work with FreeBSD 5.

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There are multiple places were stuff is purged, added to the structures as pointers, etc. But because it’s on the same wire, the ip is ignored: I have following messages while running ntop wait please: Treat traffic on the listed subnet s as local.


Use an un-numbered interface, so that ntop doesn’t assign any implicit ‘Local’ addresses. The code was broken, difficult to maintain, etc. This ultimately produces the ‘Makefile’, which a program called make uses – based on The default configuration of ntop does not protect the plugin pages – no password is required to access showPlugins.

Now it’s perfectly possible to have multiple physical networks on the same physical wire. On my home LAN, I use a So during the 3.

Word ’audiobook’ in many languages. (Links & Internet Resources) Language Learning Forum

So why put P3P into ntop? If there is more than one interface in the ntop host, perhaps you aren’t listening on cyomikuj one that has traffic? How much horsepower do I need to run ntop on a network of size x? Czym jest Voice over IP?