The Glatt’s R&D model, GPCG , for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, has been introduced in India. GPCG PRO / PLUS. WST/G PRO / PLUS. Fluid bed systems. We set the standard. GPCG PRO. WSG PLUS. GPCG PLUS. WSG PRO. GRANULATING. COATING. GPCG 1. inch Wurster. 6 inch Wurster. 2 liter Granulator/Dryer/Coater. mm Rotor. 50 – g. – g. – g. – g. GPCG

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Process variables that could potentially impacted enteric coating process were identified and their associated risk was evaluated based on preliminary trials.

Successful scale-up of Wurster based coating process at commercial scale is a challenging task. The SEM images of enteric coated pellets presented in fig.

Three-dimensional surface plot fig. Combined population balance and thermodynamic modeling of the batch top-spray fluidized bed coating process. Scanning electron microscopy Enteric coated pellets were placed onto a double-sided vpcg tape mounted on studs and sputter-coated JFC, Jeol, Tokyo, Japan with gold. Not only optimization of formulation variables performed in previous work required in this case but optimization of coating processes also the potential impact on pellets quality.

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From the lab to pilot although there is single spray nozzle, but the nozzle is much bigger and can permit higher spray rate. FMEA from theory to execution. Enteric coated pellets were placed onto a double-sided carbon tape mounted on vpcg and sputter-coated JFC, Jeol, Tokyo, Japan with gold.


The results table 4 showed that the percentage fines generation varied from 0. The full factorial design FFD is one the most widely used type of experimental designs.

We ranked S, O and D of as best-case value, as moderate-case value and as worst-case value, and then a maximum RPN of and a minimum RPN of 1 are possible. Response surface plot showing the gpct of process variables on -a fines, b agglomerates, and c assay.

Pharmaceutical development Q8 R2Current Step 4 version; Pellet size was measured using sonic sifter sieving analysis.

The acceptable range of material attributes was determined based on DS. The dispersion had stirred for 30 min using mechanical stirrer Remi Elektrotechnik Ltd, India and strained through mesh screens. The development of the product is normally done in 6″ Wurster with the batch size 0. The results were reproduced during scale up and found 0. Christensen FN, Bertelson P.

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Coating pans and coating columns. Identification and characterization of factors controlling tablet coating uniformity in a Wurster coating process.

The independent variables selected were air volume X 1spray rate X 2 and atomization air pressure X 3. As shown in table 6 predicted and experimentally determined values for Y 1Y 2 and Y 3 were comparable.

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Screening of design of experiments Prior to optimization, historical data were analyzed and several screening DoE analyses were done. This study indicated that atomization air pressure governed the fines generations, as pressure increased, fines generation increased proportionately. The recommended pilot model is 18″ Wurster where the Wurster column and base plate are much larger. Quality by design i: The wide variation in the percentage fines and agglomerates for different formulations and the high degree of reproducibility suggested that these responses are strongly dependent on the selected independent factors.


The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of process parameters on the pellets quality using an experimental design and risk mitigation performed based on QbD principles for quality product.

The results indicated that the fines Y 1 generation was significantly influenced by the linear models of spray rate X 2atomization air pressure X 3 and in small percentage of air volume X 1in addition to the interactive model of the quantity of spray rate-atomization air pressure X 2 X 3. Trials were performed to understand behavior of process parameters on pellets quality. Process parameters for enteric coating ggpcg preliminary trials.

The pareto chart was plotted of process variables vs RPN.