The Gayatri (Sanskrit: गायत्री, gāyatrī) is a Vedic hymn personifying Hindu goddess Gayatri. According to I. K. Taimni, the power of the. I. K. Taimni (Iqbal Kishen Taimni, –) was a Professor of Chemistry at the Allahabad Gayatri; Glimpses into the Psychology of Yoga; Man, God and the Universe · Science and Occultism · The Science of Yoga: The Yoga Sutras of . Results 1 – 17 of 17 GAYATRI. La pratique religieuse journalière des hindous by I-K Taimni and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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A thought or aspiration directed to Him can get a response from him in proportion to our earnestness and spirit of reverence.

Gayatri updsana has for its objective the perception of truths in the deeper levels of our consciousness. Every good or evil action, thought or emotion has two kinds of results. Thus the crescent moon on the head of Siva symbolizes periodicity and time, the conch-shell in the hand of Vishnu symbolizes Nada, the power hidden in sound, the rosary in the hand of Brahma symbolizes japa and so on.

This does not seem to be probable for the reason given above.

It contains within itself the potentiality of growing into a particular kind of tree when the requisite conditions are provided. These are interesting questions but they are really beyond the scope of the intellect and can therefore never be answered satisfactorily in terms of the intellect. Pick Of The Day. But actually they take place in the subtler grades of the mind which are so line that only the keenest perception can distinguish them from pure consciousness.

We can catch any set of waves to which we can tune ourselves. Or he may recall the meaning of each separate word as he repeats it in his mental japa. And lastly, they bring out clearly that in finding this Reality within himself the sadhaka can invoke the Reality hidden behind the Sun, and through the help which he gets from this Supreme Source of spiritual illumination make his task of Self-discovery easier. But though we may not be able to understand these details we should not make the mistake of imagining that these subtler vehicles work in a haphazard manner.

The Light which is shining in the heart of all jivas in the form of consciousness is also shining through the universe in the form of the Heavenly Man and making it a living organism. It is only when this is done that the Adept can know the nature of this fundamental vibration which is called Nada and that aspect of Ultimate Reality in which and by which it is produced, namely, Sabda-Brahman. It carries the prestige of over 47 years of retail experience.


It is true that where the element of devotion is strong and there is earnest effort to live the life considerable progress can be made even without understanding much about the theory of japa. While the importance of Yoga in this field is recognized, the necessity of character-building and upasana is not usually appreciated in sufficient degree and aspirants are exhorted to enter the path of Yoga without any preparation whatsoever.

These Devatas are also the Devatas of the three principles or tattvas which predominate on the three planes.

Similarly, in order to know the nature of this fundamental vibration which includes all other vibrations and lies at the basis of the manifested universe it is necessary to transcend the world created by it in our consciousness by yogic methods.

Kirk rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Much of this literature is superficial, produced by authors who have tried to add to the literature without throwing any new light on the subject.

I. K. Taimni – Wikipedia

The first is the words of the mantra and their meanings. Apart from the fact that the greater part of the Vedas as they once existed has been lost and we are left only with a remnant, even the whole and unmutilated Vedas as atimni no doubt once existed could never represent the true Veda which by its very nature cannot be talmni in any number or kind of books.

What is the particular function or purpose of these three parts of the Gayatrl mantra? Specificity and gradual growth are its chief characteristics and these are also the characteristics of the process by which a bija mantra unfolds the consciousness of the sadhaka.

Gayatri: The Daily Religious Practice of the Hindus

Because the power of each letter in a mantra is derived ultimately from the highest plane it can affect all the planes from the physical to the Atmic. Billy Candelaria marked it as to-read Jul 03, It is easy to understand loud and silent japa but people find it difficult to understand what manasic or mental japa means.

Taimni served for a number of years as Director of the School of the Wisdom at the International Headquarters of the Society. It is necessary because no one who has not already very strong samskaras brought over from past lives can acquire suddenly the strength and the capacity for the total effort required in the pursuit of the spiritual ideal.


These latter changes have made the whole technique unnecessarily cumbersome and led to the sacrifice of the essentials for the non-essentials. Other Books By Author. When the power of mantra is thus combined with the power of prayer we get a far more effective instrument for the unfoldment of our spiritual potentialities. Shopping is made easy through the easy checkout process with High Security offerings like Bit SSL Certificate provided by Global Safe Security Providers-Verisign so that your online transactions are absolutely safe and secured.

The Theosophical Publishing House Language: Rodrigo d’Orey marked it as to-read Aug 20, It is knowledge pertaining to the pure intellect which is symbolized by the book in one of the hands of Brahma. There can be no desire, no ambition, no aspiration higher than this. Merely in the sense that the tendencies to do evil are to a certain extent counteracted by Gayatri upasana. The story runs like this.

Gayatri by Taimni, I K

It also follows from what has been said above that the liberation of the Jivatma must be a gradual and progressive process and it is not necessary for the sadhaka to wait for results until the last stage is reached. SapnaOnline offers Free shipment all across India for orders above Rs and Global Shipment at the most economical cost.

But we have also to UPASANA remember that natural forces vayatri laws are not the exclusive property of any individual or race and they cannot be confined within the narrow limits laid down by orthodoxy or ignorance. Some of it is mere trash created to impress the ignorant masses and to compensate for the lack of real knowledge. Remove the smoke from the air by absorption, remove colour from alcohol by chemical means, remove sediment from water by centrifuging and remove distortion from gatatri by annealing and the light which comes out will be practically as bright and pure as it was originally.

That aspect of Divine Consciousness which controls and manipulates the tattva at different levels and taimi different spheres of functioning is called Agni Devata. It is essential for people interested in problems of the inner life to realize the futility of purely theoretical study of these problems and the danger of confusing learning with spirituality.