An A.C sonometer is an apparatus by which the transverse vibrations of strings can be studied. It consists of The frequency is calculated using the equation. EXPERIMENT. AIM. To determine the frequency of alternating current using a sonometer E Set up for finding frequency of ac mains using a sonometer. Experiment: MELDE’S EXPERIMENT. Object: To determine frequency of A.C. mains using Sonometer. Apparatus: • A sonometer with a steel.

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Mwins kinetic energy is applied to an object at a rate that matches its natural frequency, resonance occurs and the object vibrates. C sonometer is an apparatus by which the transverse vibrations of strings can be studied. A horse shoe magnet is placed at the middle of the sonometer wire so that the magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the sonometer wire in a horizontal plane.

One cycle of A.

What fdequency an electromagnet? Give expression for r. Define root mean square or virtual or effective value of alternating current. On the wooden rectangular box there are two bridges and a pulley at one end. It consists of two bridges, near the ends, one horse shoe magnet at the middle and at one end is a pulley. Aim Uusing find the frequency of the AC mains with a sonometer.


At this stage, the length of the wire segment is called the resonating length and it increases with increase in the mass of the suspended weights. A timing fork is metallic bar bent into U-shape and having a heavy steps attached to the middle of the bent portion. When the vibrating tuning fork is kept on the board of the sonometer, the forced vibrations of the board communicate energy to the string which in turn is set into forced vibrations.

To determine the frequency of a string first take a copper string and connect it to an A. The step down transformer reduces this voltage to 6 volts.

Once the area of vibrating body increases the amplitude of vibration of the board wire system also increases. For an alternating current having maximum peak value 70.

The string wire of the sonometer is a non-magnetic metallic wire like brass or copper.

Frequency Of AC Mains Using Sonometer

The vibrations are called resonant vibrations. This will be the frequency of the stretched string. RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions. When the rate of movement due to the current matches the fundamental frequency of the wire, resonance occurs causing noticeable vibration.

AC Sonometer (Theory) : Class 12 : Physics : Amrita Online Lab

What are natural vibrations? What is a timing fork? What do you mean by A. This phenomenon flow of experoment on the surface of the conductoris called skin effect. It is in the form of a hollow wooden rectangular box.


To Find the Frequency of the AC Mains With a Sonometer – Learn CBSE

When a current carrying wire is placed in magnetic field then magnetic force act on the wire which tends to move it in a direction which is perpendicular to current and field. Which material is used to make sonometer wire?

When two identical waves of same frequency, amplitude travelling in a medium with same speed but in opposite directions superpose, they produce stationary waves. What is the natural frequency of sonometer wire?

The natural frequency of oscillation for a stretched wire of length L and mass m and tension T is. Let a loaded stretched soft iron wire have resonant length l 1 for the main frequency.

What are stationary waves? Students will be able to derive the relationship between frequency of alternating current and the resonating length of the wire. It is twice the frequency of the alternating current. Give merits advantages of A.