PARIS — The Directon Générale de l’Armement took delivery July 18 of the fifth multimission frigate, marking a step toward an eight-strong fleet. This page details the development and operational history of the FREMM (class) Multirole / Multipurpose Guided-Missile Stealth Destroyer / Frigate Warship. On June 12th in Brest, DCNS delivered the FREMM multi-mission frigate Provence to the French Navy, as stipulated in the contract. This frigate is the second of.

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The ship is also equipped with an air search radar, surface search radar, an electronic warfare system, and commercial radars. Above 15 knots there is a single LM gas turbine forward of the combining gear. The land-attack variant AVT was subsequently cancelled.

Indeed, the successful firing of the naval cruise missile on May 19 th from the FREMM Aquitaine is a demonstration of the anti-land warfare capabilities directed at targets located deep in enemy territory.

The rest of the officers are in two and four-person staterooms. Archived from the original PDF on As said one Alpino sailor, a year veteran of the Marina: Images marked with “www. It is innovative and offers unequalled levels of interoperability and availability. FREMM technical characteristics Multi-mission frigates are versatile vessels able to respond to all types of air, marine, submarine or land threats.

DCNS delivers multi-mission frigate Provence, the second FREMM for the French Navy | Naval Group

Navy uncomfortable in terms of design. In the four-person staterooms the racks are fixed. In frigste two-person staterooms the racks the fold out from the wall, with the bottom rack folding out into a couch. Naval Group showcases its latest innovations at Exponaval Archived from the original on 24 January The classes began construction in and frigat first ships entered commissioned status in The Italian form is also longer at feet versus ftslightly thinner 65 feet versus 66 ft and has a deeper draught at 17 feet versus 16 ft.


List of frigates of the Marina Militare. The mooring lines feed from enclosed areas both forward and aft under the forecastle and flight deck. Comandanti Cassiopea Sirio Minerva Ffremm. To date, three FREMM frigates are under construction and one is being prepared before being delivered:.

Italy Orders 2 More Fremm Frigates

If fire or flooding is detected in any space, a live video feed will automatically pull up on the screen of the damage control system monitors. One-person staterooms are for the embarked admiral, the captain, the executive officer, and the department heads.

Tahya Misr ex- Normandie [53]. Current Edition Subscribe Digital Edition.

We spent 3 days on a top contender for the Navy’s future frigate. Here’s what you need to know.

Organisation for Joint Armament is an international organisation whose core-business is the ffemm life management of cooperative defence equipment programmes for its Member States. Electronic Warfare EW is also shared and involves various digital fits as well as jamming equipment and decoys.

Archived from the original on 16 January SSN Rubis class Barracuda class. About a gallon of water is sufficient to handle most spaces, including main-space fires and the demineralized water protects electronics.

There is a long row of terminals and screens that are manned by no fewer than four personnel including the navigator, a bright bridge monitoring the surface search radar, the helmsman and an engineer monitoring the plant status. Foremost among them frigatee the damage control system fremmm there are others.


Auvergne was commissioned on April 11th, All the fixed systems have mechanical back-up systems should the ship lose power completely. In order to operate such a highly-automated ship safely, DCNS and its partners accompany the crew for a period of 15 months.

Virginio Fasan” Press release.

A combined diesel and gas system system of four diesel generators providing power to two electric motors frfmm turn the twin shafts for up to 15 knots. Archived copy as title link. Added to the anti-submarine, anti-surface and anti-air warfare capabilities, the FREMM has now reached its full technological capabilities.

Retrieved 12 July Archived from the original on Views Read Edit View history. As of November frigtae, six Freedom -class littoral combat ships have been commissioned for the US Navy, three more ships are being fitted out, four more are under construction and two are on order. Six of these are to be delivered by and frogate remaining two frigates, equipped with extended anti-aircraft capabilities, will be delivered before Its versatility and manoeuvrability meet the operational requirements of numerous navies around the world.