Freakin’ Fabulous by Clinton Kelly – Clinton Kelly won’t just revamp your wardrobe—he’ll revamp your life!The huddled masses yearn to be fabulous, and finally. How to dress, speak, behave, eat, drink, entertain, decorate, and generally be freakin’ fabulous, according to Clinton Kelly.

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First and foremost, though, the book is supposed to be a bit of light, fabulous fun. I highly recommend I was surprised both at how useful and how entertainng this book was. But his advice is solid and the book is fun. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

You can tell that Clinton Kelly majored in journalism in college. There were just a few pages of advice here and then recipes.

The first part of the book is about style, but kellh a very fundamental level. Clinton is much more saucy–and clever–than I expected.

It was cute and funny at the first of the book, but by the end I was irritated with him. View all 6 comments.

Freakin’ Fabulous Holidays

I found FF on a Budget to be a little better because, let’s face it – freakib Very light. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Once again, I felt like Clinton was a kindred spirit with his recognition and insistence on good table manners. They aren’t just my personal silly rules!


I need to get better about picking and arranging my own bouquets in the summer. In one section, he uses a picture of Mother Theresa for a mild joke. Well, I suppose it may still actually be the longest chapter but it’s certainly not the focus of the book. My husband stayed in bed until about I finished this book last night in my closet at 2: So in the end this really was more for entertainment than to be spurred to action.

What I’m Reading: Clinton Kelly’s ‘Freakin’ Fabulous On a Budget’

I’ve met many beautiful people who open their mouths and ruin the effect of their carefully assembled image. How can he ask a 9 month pregnant woman how she slept? The cooking section could have been left out, but the cocktails section with drink recipes and entertaining with great snacks are perfect.

Maybedog rated it liked it. The clothes portion is repetitive if you’ve read his other books though his points are strong ; the chapters on manners and grammar are great, as I think both keelly underrated.

Freakin’ Fabulous | Book by Clinton Kelly | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I can appreciate why others gave this book three or four stars. Send flowers the next day instead with a thank you note.


I think I look cointon fine in my favorite pair of jeans from Walmart, but apparently that wouldn’t fly in the circles of fabulousness the author circulates in.

Check it out from your local library! I highly recommend it for Marci and Jessica!!! May 13, Michelle rated it it was amazing.

Oh, how I wish I could get certain people to read this and take the table manners to heart. In this book, Kelly takes advantage of his masters’ degree in journalism to write an outstanding piece. The book is a feast for the eyes. As co-host of TLC’s popular What Not to Wear, he regularly transforms dumpy fashion disasters into traffic-stopping, get-an-instant-promotion, reignite-the-passion-in-that- relationship makeovers.

Right off the bat I don’t like the clihton. It just felt weird to me. Clinton has a unique voice and is really funny. Feb 03, Erin rated it it was amazing.