Karl Marx: A Life [Francis Wheen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A brilliant book, by a superb author, about a necessary man. Francis Wheen’s biography of Marx, from which this is extracted, even the most devoted follower of Karl Marx will recognise the merit of Francis’s study. Karl Marx has ratings and 85 reviews. Ahmad said: Karl Marx, Francis Wheenتاریخ نخستین خوانش: هفتم مارس سال میلادیعنوان: کارل مارکس؛ نویسنده.

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His franciss was a paradox. Still, it depends whose prose framcis is talking about. Wheen unfortunately did not invite Posy Simmonds to draw his life of Karl Marx and save his readers the bumpy journey through his own descriptive prose.

In late Wheen was co-author, with journalist David Aaronovitch and blogger Oliver Kamm, of a complaint to The Guardian after it published a correction and apology for an interview with Noam Chomsky by Emma Brockes.

Wheen described his experience as less serious than that of other victims, and had only become aware of the scale of Napier’s activities later. Marx may have said that philosophers have interpreted the world, but “the point is to change it”, yet Wheen remarks: I almost bought it but put it down because I realized that a life of Marx is one of those things that is hard to be objective about.

Francis Wheen

It is fair enough to be glum: The Wheen biography came up a lot. Jun 12, Lolita Lark rated it really liked it.

Fluent, amusing, well researched and written with a great grasp of the complexities surrounding the political debates and factions in 19th Century Europe. The retreat in franncis of lively personal origins as a form of explanation is less demanding than the perpetual examination of ideas and their development.


The book is not uncritical of Marx, but Wheen decidedly takes his side in the battle of the International, designating Bakunin as an occultist conspirator. Aug 24, Josh Jewell rated it really liked it. One of them was the new biography ,arx Marx that had recently come out.

This page was last edited on 17 Augustat Don’t expect a critical engagement with Marxist theory or anything like that. He was a merry one, or at least as merry as one could be having been born in dreary Trier, Germany. Why was the thought of this man, who lived his debt-ridden life sponging off his capitalist friend Engels, and who took years to write an unreadable kal, so powerful as to change the face of the Twentieth Century? New revelations that Marx and Engels were funded by liquor smugglers?

I brought Marx alive to me, and I would recommend it to anyone, who has interest in philosophy, socialism and the history of the 19th century.

Sep 13, Debraj Bhattacharya rated it it was amazing. Knowing very little about the man, and sharing few if any views on society or politics of those who claim to follow his philosophy, I found this book an overall good read.

Francis Wheen – Wikipedia

I’ve read several of Wheen’s books and he is a tremendous writer: Arnold Ruge, he said, stands in the German revolution like the notices seen at the corner of certain streets: Jul 25, Jan-Maat added it Shelves: When he delivered Das Kapital to his German publishing house, the manuscript had blood all over it.

Quite interestingly, Francis Wheen does however make the case that people should take Marx’s theory seriously and he was writing this book in the “end-of-history” late 90s. A major biography of the man who, more than any other, made the twentieth century.

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If Stalinism was a misreading of Marx, it was at least a plausible misreading.

A loveable old rogue

Personally, I think Comrade Wheen has done a fine job, and if it takes the shade of PGW to help him on his way then so be it. Wheen was a close friend of the writer Christopher Hitchens.

But, okay, Marx himself was no monster, and Wheen does a good job of humanizing the old bogeyman — almost too good a job, actually: Very soon, and in all his great works, he would affirm practical need and self-interest as primal forces that make life go on. Chomsky complained that the article suggested he denied the Srebrenica massacre of Wheen reclaims Marx from the totalitarians and capitalists who used and abused him.

Retrieved 15 November As the author points out, there are a lot of books giving detailed critiques of Marxist theory and no need for yet another. Francis Wheen does for Marx what Safranski did for Schopenhauer.

He seems to have some serious apprehensions about Karl Marx — but is unable to resist that fascinating thunderstorm of a character. The wild years of philosophy are not over in this book.

As it is, it is rather idiosyncratic, quite entertaining, and wholly succeeds in demystifying Marx and his times. This is about Marx, the human.