Now I am going to tell you how to copy from secured PDF with four efficient solutions. The most recommendable tool is PDFelement, which is. In other PDF viewer programs like Foxit, you have to click on Tools and Now on to the tougher issue of copying text from images or secured. If your PDF file is user password protected, change step 4 to qpdf –decrypt You now have a perfect copy of the original file, minus any.

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This method worked perfectly on a file that had resisted all attempts by the four major utilities that offer to remove restrictions on pdf files i.

It will now save it as crom PDF again. Behind the scenes, the encryption algorithm scrambles the file contents. Contango 5 12 Please note you must know the password to remove security.

Go to Protect — Remove Security. I tried to fxoit it with 2 programs but all I got was a blank page. See my new answer.

Start your free trial! This is the easiest method I see here. A pop-up dialog box secred appear. To adequately protect pdf documents that use a password, or anything else that requires a password for that matter, use a phrase instead.

The pdf file has probably been locked against copying text. This is the third method about how to copy text from secured pdf file. However, this ruins the margins, so you get a perfect conversion if you export to Postscript, then reimport to pdf see my answer below? You can take a screenshot on a Mac or PC without additional software.


Oh, you can drag files to Chrome’s tab bar to quickly open them, by the way. He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications. Note that Okular can run on Windows. The best you can do is either rewrite the whole thing as a table, or just use in your work a screenshot of this table-like assembled text. After opening the secured PDF document in the program, please click the “Enable Editing” button to enter the permission password.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. From the full version of Acrobat I used v9.

Another possibility is Evince. By using this website, you automatically agree to the use of cookies. The most recommendable tool is PDFelementwhich fopy easy to use and powerful that enables you to copy text from secured PDF effectively. Then I tried the google way and it worked like a charm for all PDFs so far.

Can’t copy text from a pdf file – Super User

It was a document both password-protected and certified. Many PDF software tools, like Foxit PhantomPDFwill prevent the wrong people from viewing a document but still allow search engines to see the metadata for proper indexing in the results page and ensuring your document gets found. Select Add Document Foxti.


Maybe the purely commercial ones are so much better don’t forget, the Microsoft XPS Document Writer is the contrary of free and you better habe a valid MS License whe you export it, as it will be in your resulting PDF, along with your name and other “useful” stuff.

Why can’t I Copy Text in the Page?

I have tried 6 others before this: You now have a perfect copy of the original file, minus any signatures, restrictions on editing, etc. And you can allow everything but changes to certain sections of the file itself.

You can select the area and copies it to clipboard It is free The official home page is http: Obviously, if you were able to do this, you would not be reading this post! Redistilling encrypted PDF is not permitted. How can I get into my docs?

Protecting PDF files The Right Way | Foxit Blog

I still needed that text and I was going to figure out a way to get it. Your email address will not be published. Khaleel 9