A Case of Exploding Mangoes has ratings and reviews. Tea said: Fantastic novel for those who like to read Vikas Swarup, or Mohsin Hamid, or Ara. . A Case of Exploding Mangoes [Mohammed Hanif] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Washington Post, Rocky Mountain News, Boston . A Washington Post, Rocky Mountain News, Boston Globe Best Book of the Year Intrigue and subterfuge combine with bad luck and good in this darkly comic.

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A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif | : Books

A Case of Exploding Mangoes is a wonderful book and it will definitely keep you reading. Belongs in a tradition that includes Catch, but it also calls to mind the biting comedy of Philip Roth. I read this book after returning from a research and teaching trip to Pakistan in Even though it sounds mxngoes, the book is hilarious at times.

A good mahgoes about general Zia and his era but not an excellent one He even goes so far as to steal a plane for the job, but in doing so, he accidentally lands Ali in prison at Lahore Fort, a torture center.

Recommended if you want to laugh quietly to yourself occassionally. It took me a lot longer than it would normally have to finish the book, yet I found it to be very insightful and somewhat sad. They never bother carrying anything anywhere.

The political, societal and religious themes very much interest me. Some of it is actually funny, and you may find yourself laughing out loud in some parts. This novel depicts the reasons behind mangoez events, having as a narrator a young soldier who has a grudge with the government, which apparently is the responsible for his father’s death.

A Case of Exploding Mangoes

This country is khaki Turning my loneliness into solitue You want freedom and they give you chicken korma Be it the land or the rivers, it’s all under our wings Soldier just soldier on This book was recomm You can blame our men in uniform for anything but you can never blame them for being imaginative God’s glory.

It is a fun read, but you need to write down the cast of characters in order to remember who does what, when and why.


His best friend is Baby O, his roommate and lover, who enjoys imaging himself to be Jonathan Livingston Seagullthe title character of the Richard Bach novel. Expldoing is greeted by the local CIA chief, and is quite at ease with senior Pakistani and American diplomats and army officers, much as he was in real life in the Eighties.

Aug 18, Nancy Oakes rated it really liked it Shelves: The book is about Pakistan in the time of Zia’s dictatorship. The detail is rich, the prose resonant.

The late dictator

While there, Ali listens to the screams of his tortured fellow prisoners xeploding talks via a hole in the wall with the “Secretary General” who mangies been in solitary confinement there for nine years.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Pakistan’s travails were fresh on my mind. Mohamad Hanif has attempted a novel version of a historical fact, the account of which has been told many a times. A Case of Exploding Mangoes [1] is an award-winning critically acclaimed [2] explodingg novel by the Pakistani writer Mohammed Hanif based on the plane crash that killed General Muhammad Zia ul-Haqformer president of Pakistan. He resigned his commission to become a journalist, first in Pakistan, and then with the BBC in London.

Still want more, here, keep the basket too! Interesting story, subtle humor Where do I begin to write words on a book I have explkding to adore with every turning of the page?

There’s only one problem: Much time is spent discussing the joint US-Pakistan effort to support Afghan mujahideen guerilla fighters against Soviet forces in the s.

I have a close friend who has been involved in Pakistani politics for decades and he told me that each of the characters like the prisoner in the cell jangoes door to the ecplodingeach of the places, in the book corresponds to something real, and known, in Pakistani political circles.

A Case of Exploding Mangoes – Wikipedia

The book reveals the self-contradictory nature of American policy in the Middle East during this time. Overall, the book is likely to stick in the minds of everyone from the sub-continent who lived through the eighties.

While this must be fairly routine in Pakistani military academies, the subject remains taboo in a sexually repressed society. Actually, the author is very qualified to write about the facility as he graduated from it in the Nineties, and went on to join the Pakistan Air Force. His protagonist is the son of a colonel who was instrumental in setting up interrogation and torture facilities in the Zia regime, at least till he was murdered in an officially reported suicide.


The book chapters rotate point of view amongst various characters – one is a blind rape victim in prison – think about how does a explodinng victim identify her assailants, the requirement for male witnesses and wonder at how Hanif takes the comic and the social commentary on this situation and merges them into an appropriate framework to bring the point home.

At first I had been so indifferent with a sense of cynicism about the hype. I am an avid reader of both ‘Global’ explocing Historical fiction so this book should have been right up my street.

Retrieved 23 April Want to Read saving…. Hanif, a former air force officer for Pakistan, has got a winner of a book here. The book was slightly coherent in the first half, but things just become too bizarre in the second half with everyone doing their own thing. Return to Book Page. And it is what has made me persevere with them. The curse is picked up by a sugar-obsessed crow. Islam in Germany Some Muslims do indeed celebrate Christmas.

What would happen if Pakistan were to disintegrate as a state and territorial unit? And exploring, the book had a lot of metaphors and witty dialog which I enjoyed reading immensely. For condemning her, Zainab calls down a curse upon General Zia. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

I picked this book up because it is written by a Pakistani Journalist about Pakistan. It is as manges serious novel of Pakistan’s difficult recent history that Mangoes doesn’t take wing, despite its ambitions.

It had to be tasted at minimum. He is disconnected from his past as a peasant growing up in the hills, something reminded to him by fellow prisoner the Secretary-General. The fact that it has a basis in fact adds another element to the reader’s enjoyment.