Used printing equipment for sale Heidelberg, Komori, Muller Martini, Manroland brands, and pre-media, offset, digital printing and post-press sections – buy and. In April , its portfolio was rounded off with the adhesive binder Eurobind Manager Peter Wagstyl at the cooling paternoster of the Eurobind PUR. HEIDELBERG EUROBIND PUR Complete list of used die cutters, label manufacturing lines, laminators, printers in very good condition and for very good .

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Color-Falz eurobins long had its own cutting, folding, stitching, and drilling resources. Please enter your location Country. Depending on the required packing and the complexity of the jobs, an average to cycles per hour can be reached, with peaks of up to 1, cycles with fairly easy jobs.

Heidelberg Eurobind 1300 PUR perfect binder

Each block at a time, the nozzle ejects exactly the same amount of glue. Home Equipment Postpress Success Stories.

When Color-Falz decided to acquire its own adhesive binding production line, its main goal was to control the manufacturing process and timelines itself. Please enter your name and company First name. Click on “Further information” to view the cookie settings.

Used Heidelberg Eurobind PUR perfect binder year | PressCity

In case of long delivery deadlines, the product can be manufactured in several batches so as to eutobind the machine to the full. The adhesive binder can eurobund used for other jobs during these quality checks. Postpress — Cutting It is not until the finishing stage that a print product takes its final form.


Your message to the seller: Contact other dealers with similar machines. Limit this alert to this location: Select Category Perfect Binders Eurobind We are pleased: Click to Contact Seller. This website uses cookies for the purpose of functionality, convenience and statistics.

Complete and in working condition: Get email updates for eurobind Email: The precise metering of glue improves the lay-flat characteristics of the finished product. The print and finishing quality of the Color Group has won several awards over the past years. Yes Still in production: So it compared all adhesive binders that were available on the market, including at first hotmelt and dispersion gluing machines.

Used eurobind – 12 listings. The Color Group in Munich.

If you agree to the use of cookies, please click “I agree”. Good condition Heidelberg Eurobind Perfect Binders available between and years.

HEIDELBERG EUROBIND PUR – Used Machinery – Printics

It is not until the finishing stage that a print product takes its final form. Together with Wolfgang Huber, he runs the Color-Group enterprise.

Select Manufacturer Heidelberg 9. See all 15 results Any changes he may request can be implemented quickly and flexibly, without putting the whole edition at risk”, explains Wagstyl. Furthermore, the upstream gathering machine can be used not only for adhesive binding, but also for other jobs that require manual packing.


Unlike traditional roller application systems, the glue application system of the Eurobind PUR applies just as much glue as is needed. PUR adhesive binding is mainly used for coated art paper with matt or gloss surfaces that are almost always dispersion varnished.


Eurobind PUR – in feed – spine preparation unit – exhaust system with filter for glue fumes – delivery – dust exhausting unit Hotmelt side gluing PUR spine gluing. Click request price for more information. Since the gluing eurboind itself and its workflow integration are fairly inexpensive, even the production of partial or preliminary runs can be economically viable. Excess glue stays inside the system and is recycled.

Contact seller for more information Email. However, demanding brochures and product catalogs for sporting goods, financial services, and cosmetics, as well as art catalogs require adhesive binding.

Select a category on the left to begin browsing. And since the machine stores the setting data, it takes only a few minutes to prepare repeat orders”, says Wagstyl. Eurobind Good condition Heidelberg Eurobind Perfect Binders available between and years. As soon as a product has been accepted, the presetting data are retrieved, and production can continue without delay.