EUCO is a product in the Concrete Floor Joint Filler category that meets ASTM , approved. Find submittal-ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES reports. Euco is a two part epoxy product. The Part A is pigmented grey. The Part B is cream coloured. When the two parts are mixed together, the result is a grey. Add to Quote. Product Description. EUCO is a two component, semi-rigid epoxy for filling control and construction joints in industrial concrete floors This.

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Ultraplan M20 Plus is suitable for use as a commercial wear topping in warehouse and alternate industrial applications where an exceptional flat and smooth concrete surface is desired. Planibond EBA is a two-component, multipurpose high-modulus epoxy bonding agent.

Lexel Technical data sheet for Lexel a general purpose ultra clear rubber based sealant.

Joint Sealing – Con-Spec Industries

Magnesium phosphate patching mortar. I like it a lot! Dymonic Technical data sheet on Dymonic a high performance, high movement polyurethane joint sealant. This sealer imparts an attractive gloss and protection to all concrete surfaces, and is especially suited for ejco concrete. Novaplan 2 Plus is a high-strength, self-leveling cement-based underlayment and repair mix with quicker quicker curing time, for interior concrete and engineer-approved floors.


Cold Expansion Joint

EUCOBAR is especially effective when concreting operations must be performed in direct sun, wind, high temperatures, or low relative humidity. Planigrout contains a corrosion inhibitor and silica fume, as well as special blend of fine aggregate and plasticizers that provide duco placing and performance characteristics. Between why the structural engineer would spec a epoxy euco vs the polyurea euco Non-yellowing, medium gloss sealer provides protection and improved appearance to concrete Low odor Complies with all U.

Tremsil Technical data sheet for Tremsil a general purpose construction grade silicone sealant.


It allows a euuco of finishing options, including broom finishes and decorative trowel finishes, on sidewalks, driveways, steps and anywhere that has exposed concrete. Industrial Floor Guide Information article on how to maintain industrial floors.

Planipatch is mixed with Planipatch Plus, the Planipatch Plus System can be used as an embossing leveler or as a patch to fill voids over properly prepared vinyl sheet goods, vinyl composition tile VCT and cement terrazzo before the direct glue-down installation of floor coverings. If you see a crack, the joint has moved.

Concrete Eico Repair Information article on how to repair cracks on concrete floors. Jd you mentioned the euco quikjoint Planigrout is a one-component, nonshrinking, cementitious construction grout consisting of selected fine aggregates and special additives.


DURAL 50 heals hairline cracks through its penetration. Ease of placement makes it ideal for covering imperfections in concrete surfaces, providing a uniform, light gray appearance, or a smooth surface before painting or application of coating.

DURAL is a fast setting, non-sag polyester doweling adhesive for concrete, masonry, brick, and stone applications. SpecStrip does NOT contain any waxes or silicones. Ruscoe Technical data sheet for Ehco self leveling joint sealant for concrete or asphalt. The is an epoxy and harder.

This product is solvent-free. Yield will increase to approximately 0. Concrete Renew Fine is a one-component, polymer-modified cementitious material for the resurfacing of existing concrete. This makes it ideal for duco base plates exposed to the dynamic loading and continuous vibration produced by heavy industrial equipment. Concrete Renew features a natural light gray color that provides a uniform, like-new look to concrete surfaces.

Dymonic FC provides the best performance characteristics 7000 polyurethane and silicone sealants.

Ultra Low Viscosity Acrylated Epoxy. Concrete Renew is a one-component, polymer-modified cementitious material for the resurfacing of existing concrete. I am having a hard time understanding the difference between them.