This document describes the tables that make up the Ensembl Regulation schema. Tables are grouped logically by their function, and the purpose of each table. Web front-end derived from Ensembl webcode, Ensembl schema databases. WormBase Parasite, Website presenting draft genome sequences for helminths. This creates the schema for the empty database you created in step 3. Note that we are using the example MySQL settings of /data/mysql as the install directory.

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For various reasons it may be necessary to store information about a structural variation that has failed quality checks mappings in the Structural Variation pipeline.

This includes which IDs where deleted, created and related to each other. This table contains the distribution of the gene order conservation scores. Xref which is the associated term. The ‘global’ frequency of the minor allele of this variant, as reported by dbSNP.

Installing the Ensembl Data

Groups together xref associations under a single description. Used in self alignments to ensure only one Bio:: Variants from the Illumina HumanW-quad whole genome genotyping array designed for association studies. Show species Drosophila melanogaster. Always set to 1 in ensembl dbs, but needed for otterlace dbs. Note that here mysqldba is a MySQL account with file access to the database, which is not the same as a system user.

Groups together xref associations under a single description. It also acts as part of the relationship between variations and transcripts. Further information about a group could be added here at a later date.

Getting Genetics Done: Understanding the ENSEMBL Schema

Foreign key references to the population table. Every entry corresponds to one of the aligned sequences.


This is the schema’s generic representation of a variation, defined as a genetic feature that varies between individuals of the same species. The table contains genomic alignments probe entries. Xref which is the associated term. Linking table to connect alignments to the reads that ensembbl aligned.

A web browser and ftp sites are provided to access human genetic variation catalogued by the project. Usually describes a program and some database that together are used to create a feature on a piece of sequence.

Some ENSPs are associated with multiple closely related Swissprot entries which may both be associated with the same GO identifier but with different evidence tags. Represents a genomic feature as the result of an analysis i. Exception sequence region id. The compressed string using Perl’s pack method consisting of a repeating pair of elements: It usually represents the name of the project or subproject where a group of variations has been identified.

Several examples are also given. Describes bands that can be stained on the chromosome. Show species Anolis carolinensis Astyanax mexicanus Bos taurus Callithrix jacchus Canis familiaris Carlito syrichta Cavia porcellus Ciona intestinalis Ciona savignyi Danio rerio Dasypus novemcinctus Dipodomys ordii Echinops telfairi Equus caballus Erinaceus europaeus Felis catus Gallus gallus Gasterosteus aculeatus Gorilla gorilla Homo sapiens Ictidomys tridecemlineatus Latimeria chalumnae Loxodonta africana Macaca mulatta Meleagris gallopavo Microcebus murinus Schemz domestica Mus musculus Myotis lucifugus Nomascus leucogenys Ochotona princeps Ornithorhynchus anatinus Oryctolagus cuniculus Oryzias latipes Otolemur garnettii Pan troglodytes Papio anubis Poecilia formosa Pongo abelii Procavia capensis Pteropus vampyrus Rattus norvegicus Sorex araneus Sus scrofa Taeniopygia guttata Takifugu rubripes Tetraodon nigroviridis Tursiops truncatus Vicugna pacos Xenopus tropicalis Xiphophorus maculatus.


Allows transcripts to be related to genes. Remember, you also need to schems and install the multi-species databases.

Co-oridinate system attrib e. Canis familiaris Drosophila melanogaster Gallus gallus Mus ensfmbl Rattus norvegicus. Represents which genome the dnafrag is part of.

Show species Mus musculus. The place where the intron lands inside the codon – 0 between codons, 1 between the 1st zchema second base, 2 between the second and 3rd base. Represents a genomic segment feature as the result of an segmentation analysis i. Xref which is source of this association. The Ensembl project is both a source of genome sequence related data and an open source software system that can be used to organise any such data.

This table is optimised for retrieval from variation. See the MySQL docs for details: Show species Homo sapiens Mus musculus. HGVS representation of this allele with respect to the [coding or non-coding] transcript. These genotypes are mapped directly to variation objects.

Describes the reason why a mapping failed.

Schema for Ensembl Genes – Ensembl Genes

We shall treat empty strings as NULLs. Xref which is source of this association. Enables storage of enwembl that relate to genes. Show species Drosophila melanogaster Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

For example, a given row may have a start position ofindicating the chromosomal position of the first genotype in this row. Allows the storage of a textual description of the analysis, as well as a “display label”, primarily for the EnsEMBL web site.