easy // Programmable Relays are ideal where multiple push buttons, relays and timers are used–car washes, automatic doors, lighting, pump control. The easy and MFD-Titan device series stands out with its user-friendly operation and programming, with particular importance being placed on simple circuit. Eaton Moeller EASY Relay. For technical or sales support call the Eaton Electric Automation and Motor Control Experts.

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A single-pulse timer is the same as an off-delay timer except that the trigger coil TT1 need not remain activated for the time count to proceed. If the password appears as “” then no password is stored.

Moeller EASY512 Manuals

Press OK, and I1 will appear, indicating Input 1. Programming instructions for the mini PLC. The Remote Connection Unit has terminals to connect wires to the remotely located Slave unit.

Setting the Menu Language: Figure 6 Begin with the blank screen and your blinking cursor is in the upper left corner. More specific information appears in the next section below.

Moeller EASY Manuals

The units can be set to “retain” or “remember” the value of various functions thru a power-down and resume running exactly where they left off when powered-up again. The Card may be plugged in when the unit is powered up. The connection is made with 2 wires or a single twisted-pair and may have a maximum length of 30 meters, approximately feet.


The unit can be set to begin running immediately upon power-up, or alternatively to power-up in the “stop” mode, requiring a manual start from the Main Menu.

Changing unprotected relay function parameters. Figure 29 Figure 30 Figure You are now at the 2nd column so press ALT for the line drawing tool, and “wire” input 2 as shown, then press ALT again to turn essy512 line tool off. This comparator is activated when the voltage on I7 is less than or equal to a setpoint value. An obvious application for this would be a “minimum-run” function perhaps for a pumping system, or perhaps to have a cooling fan continue running after a motor has stopped. If the trigger coil is reactivated while east512 time is running, the time resets to zero and the time count starts again when the trigger is deactivated again.

Input I1 maunal the TT1 timer “trigger” coil, and the time count begins. A pulse will latch the relay in, then a later pulse will reset it back out. See the section on “marker relays” for the correct method. The password eas5y12 be any number from thru Up to 8 Text Variables D1 thru D8 can be defined, each of up to 12 characters.

Now press the ALT button again, to eqsy512 the line drawing tool off. This way the programmer need not travel to the job-site to make program changes. Analog Comparator Relays are available to process the information.


Press the OK button, for the Main Menu. Figure 44 Connecting Transistor Outputs: The time count begins the moment the coil is activated, even if the coil remains activated. When the preset time is reached then the timer switches. When the trigger coil TT1 is deactivated then the time count begins and when the time reaches the preset then the timer’s contacts switch off.

Figure 34 Activating P-Buttons: In this example, I1 runs Q1 and I2 runs Q2, but neither manuao the outputs will activate if the other is already activated.

Figure 2 Main Menu: A text will be displayed whenever that Text Variable D1 thru D8 is activated. Figure 16 Output Relay Q Contacts: This comparator is activated when the voltage on I8 is less than or equal to a setpoint value.

This is shown in Fig. This is identical to the normal off-delay ” ” function except that the time will be a random number between zero and the preset time.

Shown here in the circuit diagram, I1 pulses the CC1 counter coil and the count is incremented by 1 for each pulse.