his twenties, Beccaria wrote Dei delitti e delle pene (), a highly influential book that was translated into English in as On. Crimes and Punishments. юз 1 2 Finetti, Trattato della Lingua Ebraica, Siriaica, Samaritans, Arabica, Fenicia, 28 6d — Par, Beccaria, dei Delitti e delle Pene, 3s 6d — ib. 1 Pino, Scielta di Lettere, 2s — — Уел. a Giuftiniano, . 81 Facchinei in effect reacted at length to Beccaria’s writings regarding secret ad uno scritto ches’intitola Note ed osservazioni sul libro Dei delitti e delle pene, Renato Pasta, and Francesca Pino Pongolini, Milan: Mediobanca, , pp.

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It also depicts the inscription found in the theatre, including the word ‘Herculanenses’, which enabled excavators to identify the town brought to light as Herculaneum.

National Edition of the Works of Cesare Beccaria – Mediobanca S.p.A.

Born beccaria Saluzzo PiedmontBodoni learned the rudiments of his profession in the modest workshop deu his father. The series was reprinted aroundwith the addition of two plates, under the title Alcune vedute di archi trionfali et altri monumenti. The bibliographical history of this book has been extremely complex and confused, not least because before handing over a final manuscript to the Genevan publisher Gabriel Cramer, Voltaire went behind his back and sent a slightly different version of the manuscript to John Nourse, a printer in London, who may well have dispatched copies to other publishers.

Another feature of del lies in the provenance of the volume, as it was gifted by Ferdinando Bosi, lawyer for the British writer Osbert Sitwell, to the great collector and co-founder of the British Institute in Florence, Walter Ashburner. A good copy, foxing throughout, the upper margin of a few leaves waterstained.

The first four U. The first edition also appeared with an errata leaf containing twenty-one corrections, likely printed as a separate sheet, and thus now scarcely found; as with most copies, the errata leaf is missing in the present copy.


On Crimes and Punishments helped to catalyze the American Revolution, and Beccaria’s anti-death penalty views materially shaped American thought on capital punishment, torture and cruelty.

The Giardino dei Pensieri of is one of the first books to be printed in a limited and numbered press run, with only thirty-six copies, of which the present copy is numbered fourteen.

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No longer allowed to preach from the pulpit, Scotti undertook the writing of his Nautical Catechism. This is followed by Schweighauser’s preface, in which the philologist acknowledges his debt to Casaubon. With an early bibliography on artificial memory and the game of chess. Very rare catalogue issued by the celebrated printer and publisher Giambattista Bsccaria outlining his production. Govi, I classici che hanno fatto l’ItaliaMilanono.

Letteratura artistica: Winckelmann in Milan. Edited by Aldo Coletto and Pierluigi Panza

Smooth spine, divided into compartments by gilt fillets, and decorated with small floral tools. Spine with five small raised bands, richly lino tooled with larger amphora-shaped tools. Spine tooled in gilt, title in gold on red morocco lettering-piece.

Some marginal foxing, some quires slightly browned, but a very good set. Maffeo Pinelli’s portrait as a frontispiece, engraved by Francesco Bartolozzi XVI,[3] pages.

Abate, Storia della areonautica italianaMilano ; C. In fact, the copies known are often found lacking many of the frontespieces. Volume I contains Beccaria’s most famous work Dei delitti e delle pene ‘On Crimes and Punishments’edited by Gianni Francioni, followed by a seminal bibliographical essay on Italian editions of the treatise by Luigi Firpo.

Spine tooled in gilt; title in gold on morocco lettering-piece. Instead, he added a pencilled note ‘In questo spazio deve esservi il ritratto di Mongolfier da me tralasciato p[er] non averlo’.

Pattison, Isaac Casaubon eelle, p.

Covers slightly soiled and bowed. The Lyon manuscript is also divided into twelve chapters but contains only ten drawings, while the one offered here includes two additional ones. During his lifetime Davanzati had only published a version of the first book of the Annales which appeared in Venice in He chose a religious path to more easily devote himself to his studies.


Leaves somewhat browned, as usual.

This is the first published collection of his stage beccarla, which were widely copied and imitated. Spine gilt tooled, titles in gold on morocco lettering-pieces. This marvellous copy was once held in the exquisite library collected by Giovanni Giacomo Trivulzio and die mentioned by Gamba with regard to the Paduan Tacitus of Woodcut ornament to the title-page, and tailpieces. The same verses claim that after the printing of thirty-six copies, the plates perished in the proverbial fire, thus limiting production to an exclusive number.

Title in gold on brown morocco lettering-piece. A splendid set of large volumes containing the first edition of this monumental work devoted to archaeological discoveries at the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum, printed on thick paper and magnificently bound for the well-known bibliophile Albert of Sachsen-Teschen, founder of the eponymous Albertina in Vienna.

The wedding was formally celebrated at Colorno on 27 Julybut the splendid festival organised in celebration of the union took place in Parma. Contemporary mottled calf, over pasteboards. Title in gold on red morocco lettering-piece.

Spine with five small raised bands, compartments decorated in gilt with diagonal of dotted fillets, small floral tools, and dots. Small tear to the lower margin of fol. A dslitti good copy. Covers within double gilt fillet.