Full D1 4CH H DVR USB Mouse Control with GUI Display. For the actual display & operation, please refer to your DVR in hand. .. 4CH Model. □ DVR. □ HDD screws. □ IR Remote Controller. □ Manual for IR Remote. 0 matches found for “cpcam 4ch h dvr software”. “cpcam 4ch h dvr software ” (View all 93 Supplier(s)). Favorites Compare.

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Or all of a suddent it beeps and switches off and comes back automaticly. I decided to upgrade my security system recently since the old one was getting outdated, replacing the dvr is perhaps the biggest upgrade I could make. Click the image to enlarge. For localHost login type: I also added a wireless mouse to the USB port to control it and have split the output on the unit to run multiple monitors so the images can be viewed from multiple locations in the building.

Get into the directory. The unit works well as installed. And don’t forget to share this information with friend. Sign in Already have an account? I am not responsible for damages that may occur during the DVR reset process, this procedure is at your own risk. See the picture below for details: This is less likely to exist than a product sticker, but some security system suppliers put their brand on the DVR case.

The DVR starts and shows a login screen 4. DVRs with fixed battery. At that point you already have access to the Linux operating system, and you can enter commands to read directories foldersenter those directories, and delete files. I have had this issue before with a few different brands of Dvr. See All Buying Options. The DVR I received had four 4 audio inputs, which the picture shown only has one.


I’m able to view on my television and smartphone. Inside your DVR there are chips responsible for certain functions.

Sign In Sign Up. I have also found that the heat sink on the processor tends to get very warm which I have found causes the dvr to reboot so I would recommend the dvr be kept in a cool area and that the company build them with an internal fan. The first recommendation for a h. Note that there are a lot of directories including the mtd.

If your DVR has a login screen like the one in the picture, it probably uses the chip that works with the DVR password generator. I would change a few things in the firmware given the opportunity but for a plug ‘n’ play device it’s hard to gripe much.

Each of them has their own default master password and their own process on how-to reset it. You can then call or email to see if they have instructions.

CPCAM USA :: Software

How to use the Dahua DVR password generator. Type ” cd mtd ” to enter the directory mtd. Everything else was received as pictured. Or it just reboots it self with a beep. I seen this happen before but with my computer.

[ Manual ]

Use the DVR factory default password 2. I initially had some issues getting in touch with ZOSI, but they were responsive after I wrote a review about my problems. Hurry, while is still available Below are a few video demos.


For this type of reset it is necessary to open the equipment and physically close the contacts of two specific pins. The movement alert adds a whole new layer of security now that I actually know when someone is near my house while I’m away.

I checked all my connections and everything is good. It seems obvious, but trying to use the DVR default password must be the first thing for a h.

Either way, you can try to use the H dpcam generator and see if it works for the DVR model you own. It worked like a charm.

Although it seems like a simple question, the answer is not so simple. I bought this dvr after using an His Vision dvr with the cpcxm the same specs that had stopped working prematurely. The IP address is intercepted and attempts are made to retrieve the password via telnet. Not what I expected a lot of features were not included bought the HD that was recommended didn’t work with this system. Some will have a DVR model on them. See the table below with the DVR default password for different manufacturers.

Dahua DVR password generator. We also have a library of videos here. I haven’t try to set up remote viewing yet since don’t have time for now.

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