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if rom have a fix, it’s only a matter of time for fta.. the box is just an . of Kennedy in Markham has the Coolsat s for $ Cash (no tax). I have a mint condition Coolsat with all the original accessories(box, manual, cables I also have 2 virgin unlocked D*sh ROM rev cards for sale. Coolsat Bin Intermittent Scrambled channels · cannot watch in 2 separate rooms at the same time, please help · can’t get all channels · usb to .

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Global Cache Gateway Devices: More coolwat just a remote for your home entertainment system, MyURemote can even be configured for a variety of home automation tasks as well. Rom and cs5k Does anyone know if the cs5k is up and running with the Rom card?

Trust us to give full solutions for any issue or problem. Send a private message to prozac.

As txsgent says, I have not seen a fix for that in a while. Devices are added to the MyURemote database almost daily, so this list is not always up to date. Simplify the usage of your complex home theater system and home control.


Comes with a free Windows Version Notes: I do not condone, recommend, nor do I practice the theft of any signal from any Provider of Satellite signal, txsgent. MyURemote supports all main 50000 IP controllable devices. Prozac, put that cs5k in the closet and use your SV Some models of Global Cache gateway support more simultaneous client connections than others.

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All times are GMT There are few differences to be aware of between the Global Cache gateways. Find More Posts by liner. Forums Calendar Mark Doolsat Read.

MyURemote is an extremely powerful and configurable smart remote app with an easy to use interface. The content on this website is here for educational and test purposes ONLY, use at your own risk.

I need help with my cool sat platinum – Archive through August 03, –

Find More Posts by txsgent. A key advantage of serial controllable devices is that they provide additional feedback.

Does anyone know if the cs5k is up and running with the Rom card? Add recognizable labels to your Rooms, Inputs and Macros, coolsat that buttons are familiar and easy to use.


It maybe because the NORW group lost the ability to provide that fix because of a lost coders. Demo Video Download here Intro: Send a private message to liner. Find out how you can add your own devices. If needed based on the target device, configuration of serial port settings such as baud rate should be performed via the iTach web interface prior to usage. Maybe one day someone will come out with the Aux bin again for another receiver.

This video demonstrates why MyURemote is the remote control everybody wants. Use one remote for all your audio video device, no matter what brand.

coolsat 7100 fix july 2 ecm

Find More Posts by prozac. Compatible Devices MyURemote supports thousands of devices. How to create macro buttons? If your controlled devices may require concurrent connections two people may try to control a device at the same time, i.