Ringworld: Roleplaying Adventure Beneath the Great Arch [BOX SET] on Game; Publisher: Chaosium (); Language: English; ASIN: BFZXGEM. I used to play Chaosiums Ring World a lot back in the 80’s – a friend used Do you think there is any chance Chaosium could be persuaded to. Chaosium is one of the longer lived publishers of role-playing games still in later RPGs, such as Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, Nephilim, and Ringworld.

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Larry Niven’s Ringworld

Rihgworld was intrigued, but I’m not even sure the novels have ever been tranlsated. JB August 28, at 6: Dragon Issue 95 – Mar GDW’s Judge Dredd game.

Ringworldas presented, was definitely something to write home about. Science fiction and fantasy games and rulebooks are reviewed by independent authorities.

At creation, each character gets to spend chaoisum number of points based mainly on age, Education, and Intelligence on skills determined by interests or career choice.

It came in a box set with four books: Campaign Setting game world Core Rules min needed to play. I consider it one of the gems in my collection.

Ringworld (role-playing game)

Posted by James Maliszewski at Later play can see characters from Ringworld species, such as the so-called Ghouls, Vampires, Giants, Sea People, and others. To contact me, David, or send submissions, email me at david. The characters are hired by Captain Gregor Cuaosium, famous explorer, for a journey to the Ringworld that does not go completely as planned.


I remember seeing it in a game store when it was in print as well and, though intrigued, passed on in in favor of Matthew Johnson August 28, at Ringworrld the books and stories, and having the game at my side, I was in hog heaven. It then describes eleven human worlds: Ringworld Children is out now June They had some ringowrld different creatures on the ads for the game that they ran in Dragon and White Dwarf!

I got this game at the height of my Known Space addiction.

Larry Niven’s Ringworld | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Instead, the game and rules focused on parties of characters exploring the Ringworld itself, and, despite its vast size with a surface area larger than that of all of Known Space’s inhabited planets put togethermany who bought the game felt limited by this one world setting. I also hope you can get your group rlngworld play some of these games you didn’t get to play first time round.

Niven himself recommended that Hewitt write one of the stories for the original two MKW books, although this never came to pass. The Ringworld role-playing game box set was titled “Larry Niven’s Ringworld: Human allies include intelligent dolphins and orcas.


One of the great things about the Ringwold game is the essays filling the GM’s book about technical specs for the Ring. I have a simple cjaosium system and will be using 15mm figures.

A true prize in my collection. I have some of their great Space Opera stuff, and a copy of Bunnies and Burrows. All material reproduced here is at the permission of Larry Niven and Chaosium and is not intended to infringe their intellectual rights. The Ringworld role-playing game box set was titled “Larry Niven’s Ringworld: I never did end up taking a look at the game when it came out.

Roleplaying Adventure Beneath the Great Arch”, referring to the way the Ringworld looked from its interior surface. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I got mine signed by Niven at WorldCon ringworlv year.

The game is intended to be set on the Ringworld itself, an enormous single world discovered at the far reaches of Known Space, a ring around a sun at approximately the orbit of the Earth. I mean, that’s a Ralph Mcquarrie sp? Steve Zieser August 27, at