Caverns of Thracia () – The Original Classic Adventure by Paul Jaquays, with new maps and editing by Bob Bledsaw III. Designed for. Caverns Of Thracia – A Lost Civilization Beneath the lost ruins of Thracia are the vast caverns of a once great civilization. While a death c. Item Code: WW Title: Caverns of Thracia. Type: Scenario. System: d20 Dungeons & Dragons. Author(s): James Collura, Paul Jaquays, Scott Greene.

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Aerie City Supplement 3: Thraica they want to be more precise than that, they need to pace it out or measure it. Sunday, February 22,5: Just ignore the stats and revel in its glory. Beneath it lie four levels, several of which have sub-levels and special room complexes that are only reachable through certain areas within the larger levels. Reading them or the BECMI rules, which I never saw for the first time, you have no preconceived notions of how things work.

It is left up to the DM whether they would like to leave the players entirely in the dark, or give hints as to what awaits them.

The Alexandrian » OD&D in the Caverns of Thracia

Sunday, February 22,3: Mike Mearls December 31, at 2: I can’t really blame Jaquays for this “The Dungeoneer” shows that he was a hobbyist just like everyone else, he just happened to be way better at it! Ah, youth… Wink Sunday, February 22,1: I’ve always wanted to try this one out.

A module IMO should inspire the DM to create his own stuff, not intimidate him out of trying to do so.

Reading through book 2, especially the magical treasures, makes me wonder about why there are a bunch of magical swords for example listed, but only a very of the monsters in the game are represented in the sense of there being a sword or other weapon that has special bonuses against that type of monster.


Re-rolling all hit dice. My fear is that a lot of younger gamers simply have no experience of this kind of play cavernz would consider it “unfair. My caverjs Mike’s older brother had a copy and more than a few of our characters died horrible deaths while exploring its labyrinthine levels. I never owned any of the Master series modules.

Guest Review: Caverns of Thracia

Each of the four caverns levels below gets a full page or two for its overview map. I like tactics but not to that depth. One describes it, another shows the map, while three full pages are used on black ink supporting art.

The slaves rebelled and the caverns changed hands again. And the relatively small bits of paper are light and tend to get jostled or blown. Well, they wandered around in that little section of dungeon which was MAYBE linear feet of hallway for something like an hour. Foster Cagerns 31, at 1: Notify me of new posts by email. Will January 1, at 7: Instead, only the characters who were lucky and skilled would live through the first few levels.

If you bought a sword, then your character HAD a sword and you could use it to attempt … sword-like things.

Play a different scenario or just roll something up. Sunday, April 05,4: The upper levels are for low-level characters; lower levels are more difficult. Which, as I noted, is probably because the section is poorly written. Magical shields are only useful one-third of the time, and then only if their magical bonus is larger than that of the armor the thracla is wearing. It is appropriate for use by first level characters to start, though there are elements later on which can easily challenge some strong parties.


I mean, they must have noticed the lethality when they were first playing, right? Hit points were a big problem. In their prime, Judges Guild held a great reputation within the gaming community for its varied products. Death in the Ruins Part 4: Jaquays is an underrated talent, IMO.

We know where the rogue is in order to make the skill check, so everybody else gets engaged in figuring out strategically where they want to be. Of course it can. Skeletons, dead bodies, statues, etc. I’ll be the first to congratulate you if you do; it’s one of the many lessons the old school still has to teach us about adventure design and I’d csverns very pleased to see it incorporated into newer games.

Paul Jaquays is probably my favourite adventure designer and a great artist to boot. This supplement represents a series of rooms and caverns which have had many previous owners. thtacia

The effort given on the history side, for example, could well have been glossed over. This is a “living” environment that puts paid to the notion that old school dungeons are static places with monsters statically side by side without any interactions between them. He is currently resting up before a huge convention adventure soon to come! Tankersley I used to have my players do their own mapping. Long ago they were a religious center for lizard men, but were later taken over by humans worshipping Thanatos, the thtacia of death.