Ilchi Lee created Brain Wave Vibration to help you tap into your inner essence and transcend false beliefs and preconceptions so that new, healthy information . Ilchi Lee has authored more than 30 books based on Brain Education System Training (BEST), a five-step process he designed to enhance human potential and. Brain Wave Vibration can take many forms, although the basic principles behind it remain the Source: Brain Wave Vibration, 2nd Edition by Ilchi Lee, , pg.

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I have done both yoga and medication, in various forms, but this is entirely different. Through this revolutionary brain-body practice, you will: I hope they enrich your life by reading them.

Meet the Author Ilchi Lee

I do Brain Wave Vibration Exercise everyday and got benefits ilxhi it to be healthy and more focused. This is for open minded people looking for the lightning bolt thrust to the top of the Run! More than a physical training technique, Brain Wave Vibration is a call to action, a plea to uncover the vast abilities that lie within your brain.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Even if you only have a short period of time, you can just play the Head Nod Vibration track for five minutes to center and brighten your day. By tapping and focusing vibratioj this area, you are balancing energy throughout the body, grounding yourself, and stimulating your intestines. Various forms of the practice include the head nod method, full-body vibration, abdominal vibration, chest vibration, and energy meditation.

This could be quite possibly the most important book you can read about health and well-being.

I really like it. To ask other readers questions about Brain Wave Vibrationplease sign up. Techniques include twisting your upper body or tapping lightly on your chest with loose fists or your palms.


Alternatively, have you ever been in a bad mood, and the presence of a happy and optimistic person makes that bad mood not so bad? I’m not skeptical of the claims or the techniques, but the book isn’t all that informative. One of the most basic forms of Brain Wave Vibration is moving your head and upper body to your own internal rhythm.

Jan 09, Lolita Aulet rated it really liked it. It is a must try for anyone who is interested in improving the emotional and mental well-being as well as physical fitness. All of my work is focused on developing methods for this and sharing them with as many people as possible.

I tried it and keeping the concepts in the book in mind, I was able to feel more at peace.

A simple way to change your mind and change your mood. Energy Meditation This form of Brain Wave Vibration requires deep, relaxed concentration so it is a good idea to stretch or use another method to loosen up before beginning.

No special clothing or space is required, and you can do it alone or with ilfhi group. If our brains could be “re-aligned,” the possibilities are interesting. Mar 28, Peter Bourdeau rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This book helped me to understand about what it really means to be healthy.

I read this book VERY quickly and loved it. Publisher’s Summary Brain Wave Vibration is a simple and effective brain fitness and holistic healing method for renewed vitality and genuine fulfillment. This is the purpose and content of all of my books. Jan 09, Maki Perry rated it it was amazing.

Meet The Author Ilchi Lee « Brain Wave Vibration

I would like to begin a practice and learn more. Great book about how to use natural rhythm and movement for physical and emotional health. We communicate thoughts by means of vibration—through the words we speak, the ways we touch, and the actions we take. They can be done alone, simultaneously, or flowing from one leee the next. Sep 26, Hyunoo Lee rated it it was amazing. If you get dizzy easily, warm up with this method before using other techniques, such brsin the head nod and full-body vibration.

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Most practitioners use some form of rhythmic drum music to get easily into the flow. Catch the wave vigration the powerful training technique that has already transformed thousands of lives.

This innate healing ability is moderated by our brain. Author Ilchi Lee tea Catch the wave of the powerful training technique that has already transformed thousands of lives.

When our thoughts are in accord with those of others, amazing things happen and even entire planets can be transformed—sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Although music is not necessary, using it when you practice can make it easier to get into the rhythm.

The principles brainn well tread, the approach in healing blends old and new. We can either choose information that strengthens it or weakens it. Sep 26, Jaclyn Magelssen rated it it was amazing. I can see my negative le positive thoughts very clear and choose wavee I want. It is designed to help you increase your awareness of energy between your palms and throughout your whole body.

Sep 08, Hillarymagee rated it really liked it. I always manage my mind and body condition through this exercise. Asian healing systems theorize that it is the balanced flow of ki through certain pathways in the body meridians aave determines our health and well being. This is for open minded people looking for the lightning bolt thrust to the top of the mount. Sep 26, Sayong Kim rated it it was amazing.