Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten was a German philosopher. He was a brother to theologian Siegmund Jakob Baumgarten. For scholars of Kant, the German Enlightenment and the history of metaphysics, Alexander Baumgarten’s Metaphysics is an essential.

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KantMeierSulzerWinckelmann. Fugate and Hymers’ rich, attentive and scrupulous critical notes never make the reader feel unassisted in this undertaking.

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Metaphysica – Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten – Google Books

And art became, not the important thing it was intended to be, but the empty amusement of idle people. Notes on this translation Part II: On approval, you will either be sent the print copy of the book, or you will receive meyaphysica further email containing the link to allow you to download your eBook. His dissertation at Halle, Meditationes philosophicae de nonnullis ad poema pertinentibusfocused on poetry, foreshadowing the philosophical discipline to which his name is most often connected.

Available for the first time in English, this critical translation draws from the original seven Latin editions and Georg Friedrich Meier’s 18th-century German translation. It is, for example, the ideal accompanying volume for graduate seminars on The Critique of Pure Reason that seek to come to grips directly with Kant’s own understanding of metaphysics.

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Metaphysica Alexandri Gottlieb Baumgarten …

Plato, ancient Greek philosopher, student of Socrates c. University of Halle University of Jena no degree. FugateJohn Hymers Limited preview – This website uses cookies to improve user experience.

Retrieved from ” https: Selected pages Title Page. Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Baumgarten resisted the idea that our mental life was best described in logical terms, and insisted that certain features of our perception most clearly manifested in our perceptions of artwork required a somewhat different philosophical approach. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. Baumgarten identified himself as a Wolffian, and much of his work amounts to alternative presentations of Wolff’s philosophy.


Please try again later. Only later was the term restricted to the discussion of beauty and of the nature of the fine arts. In so doing, he gave the baumgadten a different significance, thereby inventing its modern usage.

This lucid translation finally makes Baumgarten’s baumharten work available in English. Baumgarten’s Metaphysics has had an incalculable impact upon modern philosophy, not only through his student G. Yet his manual on metaphysics was one of the chief textbooks of philosophical instruction in latter 18th-Century Germany. Baumgarten was born in Berlin inten years before Kant and two years before Leibniz’s death.

Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten | German philosopher |

Views Read Edit View history. Originally published in Latin, Kant used the Metaphysics for nearly metaphywica decades as the basis for lectures on metaphysics, anthropology and religion.

He was a brother to theologian Siegmund Jakob Baumgarten — Nine years later, in his Critique of JudgmentKant conformed to Baumgarten’s new usage and employed the word aesthetic to mean the judgment of taste or the estimation of the beautiful. Below you will find scans of some of the editions baumgarrten which we worked. Alexander Baumgarten Limited preview – Now available for the metaphydica time in English, this critical translation of Metaphysica draws from the original seven Latin editions, the Academy edition of Kant, and Georg Friedrich Meier’s 18th-century German translation.

Baumgarten may have been motivated to respond to Pierre Bonhours’ opinion, published in a pamphlet in the late 17th century, that Germans were incapable of appreciating art and beauty. The translators’ historically contextualizing introduction, textual annotations, and baumbarten translations of Kant’s notes on the Metaphysica will thus be remarkably useful to meatphysica who wants to understand what goes on in a highly significant phase of early modern philosophy.

Baumgarten was born in Berlin as the fifth of seven sons of the pietist pastor of the garrisonJacob Baumgarten, and of his wife Rosina Elisabeth. Index to the Paragraphs of the Metaphysics. Influences LeibnizWolff.

Not merely the textbook for Immanuel Kant’s lectures on metaphysics and anthropology, it fundamentally shaped Kant’s “Critical Philosophy” and through that most of later German philosophy. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.


For more information, visit our exam-copy area. Not merely the textbook for Immanuel Kant’s lectures on metaphysics and anthropology, it fundamentally shaped Kant’s “Critical Philosophy” and through that most of later German philosophy.

Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten

A skilled poet has a sense of what stylistic devises are responsible for such force, and so appears to have a grasp on some set of rules, yet these rules appear to be rather unlike rules of logic or conceptual analysis.

To assist and support the reading of this crucial text, the translation features: After being raised in the pietistic communities of Berlin and later Halle, Baumgarten was among the first to teach the controversial philosophy of Christian Wolff He was appointed extraordinary professor at Halle in and advanced to ordinary professor at Frankfurt an der Oder in Natural theology Prolegomena ChapterI.

The text also includes all of Kant’s elucidations found in his copy of the Metaphysicaand reproduces 3 sets of facing pages with notes in his own hand.

After spending another two years in Halle teaching during which he published his Metaphysicawhich Kant used as a textbook in his lectureshe took a post as a professor at Frankfurt on the Oder.

Internet URLs are the best. Theories of Art and Society, The well-researched and fully accurate English translation of Baumgarten’s work takes proper account of contemporaneous Latin usage as well as key philosophical concepts, especially the concepts underlying the development of metaphysical thinking in eighteenth-century Germany after Leibniz.

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Please note that this product is not available for purchase from Bloomsbury. Contents 1 Life 2 Philosophy 3 Bibliography 3. He was educated at an orphanage at Halle, which had been founded and run by August Hermann Francke and which was wholeheartedly devoted to the Pietist movement and had become one of its central institutions.