Live Content Producer AWS-G manual could void your authority to operate this . AWS-G is an audiovisual production system. aws-g – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Live Content Producer AWS-G 3. Input Source Recording. Camera 1. Camera 3. Camera 2. Projector. Internet. Streaming. Presentation Materials.

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Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Monitoring Output Audio By entering a negative value, you can make the spacing narrower. In the top menu, select [Video Effect].

Connecting An Amplifier Installing Option Modules Working On Line Objects With an IEEE cable, connect the external hard disk to the computer. Settings Required For Viewing Streaming Creating a flip for keying with a background color If you set any color for the background, when used as was-g500 key source in the Anycast Station main software, the background color appears unchanged.

Sony aws-g User Manual – Page 1 of |

Note You can make picture-in-picture adjustments while viewing the results in the PVW viewer before program output. The numeric button you pressed lights.

Page This changes the selected size. Specifications – Formatting is only processed for the Specifications selected memory. After selecting [Pre-Fader] or [Post-Fader] and confirming, 1 select [Send Level], and confirm; 2 adjust the output level with the slider. Disabling remote control of pan and tilt, or zoom Select [Pan-Tilt] or [Zoom] to set it to [Disable], and confirm. Number Message Text Data has been exported to directory xx: Page The job data is imported.


Disconnect the external hard disk from the computer, and connect it to the i.

Specify the vertical position. When showing the video selected by the displayed while you are using the shuttle dial for NEXT selection button when the KEY button playback operations.

Sony Anycast station AWS-G500 Operating Instructions Manual

Recording is stopped because c Audio source name there is no video signal input This shows the name of the audio signal assigned REC: Registering Manaul Points Operations Chapter 3 Video Switching This section describes how kanual switch the video signals input to the unit, and output Allow some slack when routing the cables to prevent them from bending sharply.

Delete User Program 1 to 6 Names of registered video effect Changing the Transition Time FFWD button Fast-forwards the videotape. While the TB button is lit, sound from the 3 Video switcher section This switches video.

The meanings of these items are as follows. Appendix Maintenance This section describes how to check the operating software version, and upgrade. Relation Between Input Signals and System Components You can assign input video and audio signals to buttons on the front panel and channel faders, then operate these to carry out switching, mixing, and combining.


Click one of the text color selection buttons in the Color tab of the [Text] tab. This imports the logo file. Connecting An External Hard Disk Determining the Audio Signal Output Destinations Aws-f500 which output destinations to which the audio assigned for each channel fader should be routed. This center-aligns the text. This is the selected state. At the same time, the lit Manhal selection button and NEXT selection button interchange, and the colors of the frames in the source viewer also interchange.

Default gateway EDL Edit Decision List Glossary A router or computer on a Data containing edit awss-g500 which serves as an instructions that use timecodes entrance to an outside network.

as-g500 Font 2Create an object. Color preview Color system selection buttons Color selection method buttons Changing the Video With a Effect Transition PFL Pre-Fader Listen Talk back TB An output signal format which To pass along instructions, for Monitoring audio before level adjustments with the audio displays pictures by using the example from a director.