The Art of Courtly Love [Andreas Capellanus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Page 1. The. Art of. Courtly. Love. Andreas Capellanus. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page The Art of Courtly Love by “Andreas Capellanus” is a poetic manual for how one should enter and maintain a romantic relationship. Capellanus’s name may.

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Andreas Capellanus The Art of Courtly Love

Courtly love is reserved for the middle and upper classes in De Amore. Love always departs from the dwelling place of avarice.

No one should be deprived of love without a valid reason. The ‘King of Love’ is said to have courtlu down thirty-one rules of love. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

Your words seem to be false, since I do not have a beautiful figure. True jealousy always increases the effects of love.

Book One, ‘Introduction to the Treatise on Love,’ outlines its basic set of concepts and information concerning love and elaborates the effects of love.

But sometimes the formality surprise! So husbands and wives tended to seek romantic attachment outside of marriage and courtly love became a courhly practice that gave them such a romantic outlet.

But your words show clearly that you refuse to love me and that this is because of the lowness of my inferior rank, even though I have great virtue. More capellznus and resources for teaching or studying The Art of Courtly Love. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Andreas “the Caplelanus writes this essay in three parts and addresses it to his young male friend, Walter, who apparently has asked for instruction.


Views Read Edit View history. In a similar vein, Andreas describes nuns as easy to seduce, although he condemns anyone who does so as a “disgusting animal. Retrieved from ” https: The rules of courtly love demanded anereas the knight serve his lady who may, inconveniently be married to someone else with all the devotion and fidelity that he owes to his liege-lord.

It is not good for one lover to take anything against the will of the other. cape,lanus

This section contains words approx. Although, your virtue is greatly to be praised, I am young and I shudder at the thought of the embraces of old men. If a man of capellwnus middle class seeks to join himself in love with a women of the higher nobility, he ought to have a multitude of good qualities, for in order for a lower-born man to be worthy to seek the love of a higher born woman, he should be filled with inumerable good qualities, and an aet number of good deeds should extol him.

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Andreas Capellanus

The true lover never desires the embraces of any save his lover. Moral integrity alone makes one worthy of love. The basic conception of Capellanus is that courtly love ennobles both the lover and courlty beloved, provided that certain codes of behaviour are respected.


Just as a shrewd fisherman tries to attract fish with his bait courtyl to catch them on with his curved hook, so he who is truly captured by love tries to attract another with his blandishments and with all his power tries to hold two hearts together with one spiritual chain or, if they be already united, to hold them always together.

The Art of Courtly Love Summary & Study Guide

The true lover is continuously obsessed couurtly the image of his beloved. Book Two concludes pp. Almost no one in the dialogues expresses any other opinion.

In each dialogue the man is pleading inconclusively to be accepted as the woman’s lover, and in each he finds some small reason for optimism. The custom of the wise is never to praise their own beauty. De amore describes the affection between spouses as an unrelated emotion, stating that “love can have no place between husband and wife,” although they may feel even “immoderate affection” for one another. Marriage is no excuse for not loving.