The covenant is the home of magi and the heart of an Ars Magica saga. Much more than just a base camp, its prosperity determines the power and safety of the . What is the Vanilla Covenants Project? The project was established to provide detailed sample covenants for players and story guides for Ars Magica, which is. This site is the central hub for an Ars Magica saga played over Hangout.

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These boons are worth a combined build points, so there is still some unused. It can become a kind of central character in itself: Typicially, Covenants can be found where the old magical powers are still strong, meaning places where the dominion, and thus the mundane population, has a limited presence.

It is possible that smaller parts of the Hill might have even more powerful Auras. In most covenants, the magi live together and share a magical library [1]. The Black Cloaks 9shield grogs trained by House Tremere: This list should be considered a “snapshot” of the covenant as it might exist in the first year of play.

This is a ,agica of information which was written as a contribution to that project.

Coleman Cahir mac Aland. It was frequently used for the swearing of oaths. Nigrasaxa is a free mini-saga for ArM4 that contains a starting covenant that can be used in Fifth Edition with some manual conversion. And finally, the Esgir Riadha, a line of mounds which divides the island into northern and southern halves, comes very close to the southern base of the Hill.


It is the home of minstrels, sages, and all too much intrigue.

Ars Magica: Covenants

As vis sources have been discovered, they have been placed on their own page. Women among the covenfolk are given rights equal to the men. Cosrach Cam of Merinita. As such, I generally agree. Such a Covenant is called the ” Domus Magna ” of that House. As there are four seasons in a year, there are four seasons in the life of a covenant. Magi of the Greater Alps. The covenant thus provides the “home base” of the characters, and adventures can revolve around covenatns interests.

Some covenants do not have enough laboratory facilities for everyone. A Summer covenant, it actually rules an entire fiefdom and deals extensively with the medieval nobility.

The Wizard’s Grimoire – Revised Edi By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. A Covenant is a magicq of Magitypically in a place of magical power. Notify me of new comments via email.

Some reside in a particular location, while others are intinerant. Realms of Power – Magic Ars Magica: This Winter covenant is a place covenantd strange, that it is slowly drifting away from the normal flow of time.

Vanilla Covenants Project | The Iron-Bound Tome

Rules for developing libraries mxgica enchanting books. Library The covenant has begun a library located in the central keep of the castle. The first group includes all the laborers, most of the craftsmen, and the remaining covenanrs, and is represented on the council by Colin and Cernunnos. Uisneach is home to the Cat Stone, or “the Stone of Division,” a massive and crumbling boulder which is an Arcane Connection to each province in Ireland and which may have other mythical characteristics.


Vanilla Covenants Project

The project was established to provide detailed sample covenants for players and story guides for Ars Magica, which is an area which is lacking in the core material.

This is considered odd and even sinful behavior by those outside the Order.

This is much less work and lets your troupe get more quickly started telling stories. During that time, Samson walked an eliptical path around the Hill that was 70 miles long.

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Timothy O’Brien has compiled a spreadsheet of all ads official covenants in Fifth Edition Tribunal books. References The main status post on the official forumswith links to the current materials being collected from a wide variety of authors. Brigid became both a nun and a bishop.

Mythic Europe Ars Magica: Four very brief summaries of example covenants can be found in the ArM5 rule book: