The people in rural areas of Karnataka and Kerala mainly depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The main crops grown are Arecanut and.

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Only skilled labourers can carry out these farming operations. Line diagram to calculate Length of the links. Pulley and a brake cable is used to ensure smooth movement of the links. Under the guidance of Prof Abdul Kareem. Tree climbing machine, Arecanut, Spraying machine. Specifications are given below; Volt: When the setup reaches on top of the tree the drive motor is switched OFF in the remote control unit.

The machine developed consists of a base frame with 3 nylon wheels driven by 3 high torque geared motor.

Students of Sahyadri College of Eng develop a low-cost areca nut tree climbing machine!!

At present, the machine weighs about six kg. For harvesting the nuts, and for spraying and applying insecticides on the crown, skilled labourers have areccanut climb the tree manually. One crop that has been most affected by this is the arecanut.

The switch board is used to control the DC geared motors, windshield wiper pump, nozzle motors etc. Introduction Researchers all around the world work on climbdr climbing machines, most of these climbing machines are capable of climbing regular structures like poles, walls etc.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Sukesh K S Type of entry: Now the motors for controlling the nozzle attachment is switched ON with the help of remote, climebr these motors start to rotate.

Previous House in Karnataka, toilet in Kerala!


The design and fabrication of arecanut tree climbing and spraying machine is presented in this paper. Climbing Mechanism and Working The arecanut tree climbing and spraying machine works on the basic principle of friction that is the relative lateral motion of two solid surfaces in contact. To accommodate for change in the diameter of arexanut tree as the device moves up and arecanuy, a spring loaded mechanism is used for exerting sufficient tension required for gripping the tree.

The scope of this project is limited to climb arecanut trees having circumference between 30 and 50 cm. Also, it is very easy to move from one place to another.

Design and Fabrication of Arecanut Tree Climbing and Spraying Machine

It is fitted with three DC motors – nylon tyres with rubber grippers at degrees each other for ease of the operations. The machine can be used for spraying insecticides also. The machine is having a triangular shape, hinges are provided on each links for the movement of links with the variation in size of the tree. The trfe component which is in contact with the tree is the wheels which are made up of nylon.

Then the wiper pump motor is switched ON. The design of the machine is simple enough for farmers to operate. August 30, So development of a unique tree climbing mechanism is necessary which may be used for maintaining and harvesting applications. The machine should grab the atecanut firmly to maintain its positions during the raecanut. Four seventh semester mechanical engineering students of Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management have developed a low-cost areca nut tree climbing machine that can be regulated by a remote control.

It also requires greater agility and high manoeuvrability to be used as a product. The machine can be connected and detached from the areca nut tree easily. To help areca nut farmers reduce dependency on tree climbers Asheesh V Rao, S Siddharth, K Shrihari and Praveen K P Rao have developed the machine that can reach a height of about meters within a minute. It is the main source through which torque is generated.


Wheels In this machine three driving wheels are used. They have to climb the trees using muscle power. It is mandatory to climb the trees a minimum of five times a year for a successful harvest – twice for the preventive spray against fungal disease, and thrice to harvest the arecanut. Once it reaches the required height, the sprayer or plucking tool can be activated from the ground through a remote control. Windshield washer pump is used for spraying the pesticide which is stored in the tank to the crop.

It was observed that the maximum circumference of an arecanut tree is 50 cm and minimum circumference at the top is 30 cm. A specially designed remote controlled spraying unit is mounted on the frame. Hence harvesting fruits and nuts and maintaining them becomes difficult. There are much equipment machines in the market to help the farmers in this regard.

As this involves real hard, physical exertion, younger generations of labourers are losing interest, with potentially harsh implications for arecanut cultivation.

This is the most suitable machine for harvesting areca nuts without man climbing on the tree. When a rope attached to the machine is pulled from the ground; the machine climbs on the tree.