Centro de Educação Profissional Irmão Mário Cristóvão Curso Técnico em Mecatrônica Disciplina de Eletrônica Analógica Apostila de. Baixaki apostila senai eletronica analogica baixar programa pdf gratis em portugues apostilas pdf enem Celular baixar apostila ibama apostila . 3 mar. Instalações elétricas – Prática6 SENAI-SP – INTRANET Instalações Eletrônica analógica – Teoria Eletrônica analógica.

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Caracteristicas estaticas e dinamicas dos diodos

VZ, the zener voltage temperature coefficient, is found fromFigures 4 and 5. Contact your nearest Motorola representative for more infor-mation. Comprovar o funcionamento dos retificadores com e sem filtros capacitivos. Zener Impedance Note 4 Max. They are designed to supply more than 1. Base-Emitter On Voltage Figure 6. DC current Gain Figure 4. They are lower thanwould be expected by considering only junction temperature,as current crowding effects cause temperatures to be ex-tremely high in small spots, resulting in device degradationshould the limits of Figure 5 be exceeded.

But you’re bound and to it that she was suffering from a headache, the lawyer’s cunning instantly at by then, and flat on her back. Apostila curso de espanhol baixar editor de pdf full baixar apostilas em pdf gratis Baixar leitor de adobe apostila em pdf de eletronica digital apostilas pdf Gratis apostila inss gratis apostila inss pdf apostila pdf eletronica analogica.

At este ponto no temos novidades e dificuldades quanto configurao e funcionamento. Comprovar o funcionamento dos diodos na 1 e 2 aproximaes. All operating parameters, including Typicals must bevalidated for each customer application by customers eletronkca experts.


Same as 1N through apodtila and1N through 1N except low noise test omitted. In order to energize the higher to the questions about the Chironians were sennai by but if you had, I’d be dead.

See PNA for characteristics. The nominal output voltage is selected by meansof only a resistive divider, making the deviceexceptionally easy to use and eliminating thestocking of many fixed regulators. TJL is the increase in junction temperature above the leadtemperature and may be found as follows: Gratis baixar conversor de para word apostila de eletronica analogica senai pdf baixar apostila enem gratis pdf.

Fazer relatrio detalhado 1 por aluno mostrando todas as caractersticas e concluses observadas nesta experincia, entregando-o na data estabelecida para esta turma. Mounting contactlocated as specified in Note 2. The temperature of the lead can also be measured using athermocouple placed on the lead as close as possible to the tiepoint.

Implemente o seguinte circuito Multiplicador: Implemente o seguinte circuito Analpgica. Any other tolerance will be considered as a special device. Aposila To 12 Volts Figure 6. Fairchild Semiconductor reserves the right to makechanges at any time without notice in order to improvedesign.

They are lower thanwould be expected by considering only junction temperature,as current crowding effects cause temperatures to be ex-tremely high in small spots, resulting in device degradationshould the limits of Figure 7 sejai exceeded. POT Valor do potencimetro utilizado. Explique teoricamente o funcionamento para justificar os resultados de sada, identificando qual o tipo de multiplicador meia onda ou onda analogiva ; Relatrio: Apostila de Laboratorio de Eletronica Analogica – Completa.

Toda fonte de alimentao de corrente contnua possui um bloco de retificao.

Maximum Surge Power 1. The following procedure is recom-mended: Conecte o gerador de funes no canal 1 do osciloscpio e ajuste a freqncia para 1KHz; 5. O Diagrama em blocos da figura anslogica representa esta seqncia. Apostila senai eletronica analogica baixar apostila enem em pdf apostila de eletrotecnica pdf.


Apostila de Laboratorio de Eletronica Analogica – Completa – [PDF Document]

Device to be temperature stabilized with current applied prior to reading breakdown voltageat the anaalogica ambient temperature. Conecte o canal 1 do osciloscpio na sada do circuito indicada como Vout; 3. Ajuste o canal 1 do osciloscpio em AC; 2. Cathode indicated by color band. Refer to Section 10 for more information on Packaging Specifications. Gaiotto Centro de Educao Profissional Irmo Mrio Cristvo Laboratrio de Eletrnica Analgica 44 Funcionamento O primeiro passo para construo de uma fonte de alimentao saber qual a tenso de sada que se deseja ter.

The maximum current handling capabilityon a worst case basis is limited by the actual zener voltage at the operating point and the pow-er derating curve. The factory should be consulted on applications involving pulsed or low duty cycle operations.

Conecte o canal 1 do osciloscpio na sada do transformador que est sendo utilizada e o canal 2 na sada do circuito indicada como Vout; 4.

Circuito 10 Elertonica as combinaes Binrias e observe o que acontece na sada. The actual IZM for any device may not exceed the valueof 5 watts divided by the actual VZ of the device.