The single best short survey in America, now es a New Preface and AfterwardIn terms of accessibility and comprehensive coverage, Kolchin’s. Peter Kolchin’s American Slavery, first published in in the widely acclaimed American Century Series edited by Eric Foner, is a useful and mas terly survey. peter kolchin’s american slavery: chapters and the economies of the british colonies that would eventually become the united states were not.

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For example, he dismantles the idea that slavery made the South a more economically productive region than the North by demonstrating that the only reason for southern economic growth was the use of more land. Instead of the usual Civil War rhetoric or views from the owner’s perspective, this book shows what it’s like inside the life of slaves and also compares it to other countries enforced labor around the same time. Depressing as hell, of course.

American Slavery

The book is written based on actual facts that happened to African Americans. Of particular interest is the chapter on reconstruction, which highlights the ambivalent attitudes of some freed slaves and also highlights their increased agency in determining their fate.

For the general reader, this book could be somewhat dry because he has to pack in a lot of information in a short space.

Great for undergraduates and book reports. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A great foundation or jumping off point for further reading. Kolchin does cover the ways that regions become for distinct.


The book consist of 7 chapters and pages of reading There is a very large bibliography and you can tell that the author’s devoted an entire life’s work to achieve this kind of product. Many blacks stayed, but the increased autonomy they experienced caused them to become americaj more isolated. Read reviews that mention american slavery united states american revolution peculiar institution overview of american revolution and the antebellum history of slavery slavery book end of the book end of slavery kolchin south america class concise period readable subject colonial presented.


Jan 13, Jenny rated it really liked it. Here are a few gems.

Lists with This Book. Books by Peter Kolchin. The book’s author, Peter Kolchin, expertly presents readers with a good grasp on how historians’ views on slavery have developed, where there is disagreement, and what areas americn greater exploration.

Feb 25, Paul rated it it was amazing Shelves: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Kolchin further assists readers in that effort by providing a wonderful bibliographic essay at the end of his book. Kolchin continually compares American slavery to other types of slavery around the world, including the Caribbean colonies — which form a useful comparison because of their reliance on African slaves — but also Russian serfdom.

Its brevity and comprehensiveness make it a book which will serve as a guide for further reading. In his introduction, Kolchin lays out four goals to distinguish his study from previous ones. The monograph investigates slavery from the colonial period until Reconstruction, allowing the author explore how slavery evolved over time.

Jan 08, Jeremy rated it it was amazing. Kolchin sets out to make a balanced survey which weighs all the different arguments that scholars have advanced about various aspects of slavery. These examples do not show that slavery “wasn’t that bad after all,” but provide evidence for Kolchin’s statement that southern owners viewed slavery as a lifestyle, one of which that would divide the union, and lead to the bloodiest war in American history.

An interesting read to look at history from a point of view often glossed over by an average history education. For Kolchin, America’s experience with slavery is drastically different than other Caribbean forms of slavery simply because the American slave population grew. A lesson on human trafficking, which still exists. Jan 20, Joshua rated koclhin really liked it. This is a careful if occasionally dry one-volume overview of the “peculiar institution.


I found the book somewhat redundant and hard to get through, but over all it is a great overview of American slavery as compared to Russian serfdom and Carribean slavery. Most slaveowners cared for their slaves deeply, but in a patronizing, paternal way spavery exercised control over every aspect of a slave’s life.

He compares many aspects of slavery to slavery in the Carribbean, South America, and serfdom in Russia. Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism. American Slavery, by Peter Kolchin is a comprehensive history of slavery and importantly addresses the way the nation supportive an infrastructure for exploiting people.

The same year the Football Association was founded. The disruption of life brought on by the war did cause much absenteeism and allowed many slaves to escape. It is, however, a very thorough overview on a crucial topic. The Settling of North America, Vol. Gave a good overview of the entire period of history. The only scholars he really discredits are the blatantly racist pre-Civil-Rights-Movement ones.

A clear and briskly written survey that puts slavery in context and explains its continuing impact on American life. Kolchin’s attempts at kolvhin A good interpretive history of the subject that can be appreciated by undergraduates i. The book is not an attempt to provide new original research, but to sum up the existing literature, and in that goal it succeeds brilliantly.