Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand The Great Idea by Henry Hazlitt Anthem by Ayn Rand Alpha Strategy by John A. Pugsley. The Alpha Strategy has 44 ratings and 8 reviews: Published January 1st by Common Sense, pages, Hardcover. Readers might be interested in Alpha Strategy: The Ultimate Plan for Financial The book was written by John A. Pugsley in In , it.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Read more at the source: Strateg interested in investing, saving for retirement, staying out of bankruptcy or your financial well being should read this book.

You can download it here: Scott Daniels rated it really liked it May 22, I highly suggest that you choose expedited shipping. Mythos rated it liked it Jul 18, Then build your own energy system, whether it be solar, wind, wood, biogas, biodiesel, or… a combination of all of those and more.

Andrew Rumpel October 31, at I mentioned a book that was perspective-changing for me yesterday. Now I Get It!!!! He then returned to the U. The Alpha Strategy by John Pugsley. Imagine yourself retiring in a home you built yourself completely powered by energy systems you built yourself.


The Alpha Strategy by John Pugsley is an ebook about alternative investment strategies. Contribute something putsley yourself to your friends and neighbors. Use this idea as part of a larger financial strategy: You really need to sign up at the Sons Of Liberty Academy!

Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Beans dried Lima — 10 years Pinto — 10 years Red — 10 years. Best explanation I’ve read of the inner workings stratwgy our Federal Reserve system, and well-worth the read just for that. I guess it’s the cultural perception of storing real goods as something that crazy preppers do, but the fact that it is possible to overdo something doesn’t completely disqualify it from consideration.

Alpha Strategy: The Ultimate Plan of Financial Self-Defense for the Small Investor.

Trivia About Alpha Strategy: This has made the book popular with survivalists. Tutor local children on their homework. I’d further learn as many of skills and potential careers as I can throughout my life, which I like doing anyway.

I just purchased 2 copies of the book for my family for Christmas… has any one read the actual book yet? Sign up to receive offers and updates: Views Read Edit View history. Country Codger October 30, at 2: The temptation to do so seems stronger with The Alpha Strategy than with car-free living, investing in the stock market or minimalism for example, though.


John Pugsley – Wikipedia

Like a heat pipe refrigerator that needs no artificial energy input to keep food cold. Five star seller – Buy with confidence! October 30, at 3: Sons Of Liberty Academy Testimonial.

Read that for what it’s worth to you. October 30, at Lists with This Book. I would look for information on my own and it would take me a lot of time but to have it done and just to be able to build on that is great.

I would also own bicycle tools, general household tools, and whatever other tools I find useful as I learn more skills.