Alinco DJ-S11 Instruction manual. uploaded by RigReference. PDF, Unknown size. Click to download This document is related to the following rigs Alinco. Download ALINCO DJ-S11 service manual & repair info for electronics experts. ALINCO DJ-S11 DATA. The DJ-S11 is a handheld 2M FM amateur radio transceiver with 20 channels () + CALL Channel; transmits up to W on.

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For what it was the DJ-S11 worked well and I thought it was a good product. I know there are lots of hams out there that own this little radio and love it for their particular uses. According to your review you owned it for 3 months or less back in I followed the instructions on the page and the radio has always worked alright for its price point. The VX-1R is small too can do a lil higher power, but lets compare rx and low tx settings. If your fine with this performance, I’m happy for you.

Bottom line is that I’m not getting rid of ej-s11 very soon. I have the micro dual bander Alinco makes. I have mixed feelings about this review. Yes, I know it’s low power and isn’t dj-w11 for long distant QSOs, but really, does it cost that much to put a electrically matched antenna on this radio? Place the radio face down on a soft towel. Preliminary tests seem to indicate it works best at full extension. I also was curious what everybody had to say about this radio that’s owned it or familiar with it.


To answer a few questions, yes I did get this radio back in Then one has to ask, why would Alinco design a radio where the antenna was not matched to the output on the operating band? If anyone read my review on this HT, they would note that I was getting better performance with a tacky antenna modification running the radio 50mW then with the regular antenna on high power mW. I was first confused when I first started to use it, and couldn’t get into a repeater well which had a remote rcvr 3 miles from me, and the other 2 machines that I could hit that were at high QTHs, I was unreadable.

This model in its current form, after careful scrutiny and testing, did not meet the high standards of technological excellence that ICOM sets for all our products.

Just something to think about The reason I wrote this is because I was cruising around online and saw that this product was still being sold new. Why buy an apple and compare it to an orange?

Alinco DJ-S11 Instruction manual

When I had mine I lived in Florida and later California. Therefore, rather than putting a below standard item on the market, the decision was made in the interst of our customers and dealers, to stop the sale and advertising of this product. I’ll try adding more length this week-end.

All standard disclaimers apply. Again what is resonance? When I second guessed the antenna design when the radio was still at his tailgate I probably should have left it there.


The rear cover can be lifted and removed easily, as there are no wires to be concerned about. One question that I’ve never been able to answer was why did Alinco construct a handheld radio with an antenna not tuned for the right frequency.

Taking the antenna off and placing it atop some sort of ground plane will not give you the correct answer answer either.

Alinco DJ-S11 Instruction manual |

Thanks for the info. President Midland Uniden Zodiac.

I’ll probably try to improve the antenna performance now that I know it’s not up to snuff. Bill, why are you still worrying about this? To further prod you further, can a ohm folded dipole be resonant? Simple to operate, uses AA batteries of all kinds, and they’ve always done what I expected them to do.

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Not bad at all. Then I put two drinking straws together over the antenna, and wire, to give it some rugged support It looked horrible. Programming interface schematics for Alinco: I can now receive the NOAA weather stations in my area, which will be handy when checking into weather nets during storms see http: This article has expired.